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Top 10 Tips for Volunteer Posting

Advice from Catchafire on how to write compelling volunteer opportunity descriptions on LinkedIn.

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Top 10 Tips for Volunteer Posting

  1. 1. TOP 10 TIPS TO CREATE A COMPELLING VOLUNTEER POSTING 1. State your mission and briefly explain what your organization does. Creating a personal connection to your organization is important from the volunteer’s perspective. 2. Determine your strategic priorities. Think about both long term and short term needs. Involving senior leadership and your board will be critical. Identify key areas of need. Think about what would be appropriate to execute with a skilled volunteer keeping in mind that not every need should be a volunteer project. 4. Outline a discrete scope of work. List all deliverables, and make sure what you’re asking for is reasonable for an individual volunteer to complete. Set an ideal project timeline. 5. Make sure you have the necessary prerequisites in place. It’s important to sequence your project needs to avoid backtracking. Determine internal capacity to take on this project. 6. Describe the ideal candidate you want to work with. Be explicit about specific skills and level of experience required in a volunteer. Outlining what you want will help when you get to the vetting phase of selecting a volunteer. 7. Define what success looks like. Setting the right expectations at the outset determines the success of the project. 8. Highlight the impact the volunteer will create. Explain why this project is essential for your organization, what benefits it will provide, and what resources will be saved; volunteers will be compelled to apply when they understand the impact their work can have. 9. Show the volunteer how they will benefit. Articulate the experience you can offer them and what they can learn. Show them you know how to have fun while doing amazing work! 10. Consider using a Trusted Provider. Trusted Providers take the hassle out of recruiting and managing a volunteer and ensure that volunteer projects are set up for success. To learn more visit Catchafire or Taproot. Catchafire ensures your volunteer experience will be meaningful, enjoyable, and impactful. All of Catchafire’s organizations are vetted and prepared, our projects are well-scoped and flexible, and you will be supported throughout your experience should any issues arise.