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Yahoo's Board May Be Replaced, The Company Unlocking That iPhone. Click to Watch Today's Top Headlines

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Activist shareholder Starboard Value seeks to remove the company's entire board. The investor plans to nominate nine new board members this morning.

According to an Israeli newspaper, forensics company Cellebrite is helping the FBI unlock that iPhone. Cellebrite makes a device that reportedly gathers data and can bypass PINs and locks.

Virgin America
May be considering a sale for all or part of the company, reports Bloomberg. Shares popped up to 13% on the rumor.

Debris found in Mozambique were almost certainly from the missing airline. The location is consistent with drift modeling and searches in the Indian Ocean.

"Maybe I should just quit. Stop talking about diversity, just shut up about it. Go back to coding. But then they win. And the horrible anonymous bigots and bullies can’t win."
Tracy Chou, Pinterest engineer

Daily Top Headlines:
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