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From Mountain Dew's Puppy Monkey Baby to Ryan Reynolds, These Are the Top 5 Ads of the Super Bowl 2016

To get some perspective on the game's best commercials of the Super Bowl, we turned to a veteran ad pitchman: Peter Grosz.

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If you’ve watched any TV in the last 14 years, you’ve probably seen the Sonic ads featuring Grosz talking to you from the front seat of a car at a drive through. In addition to his commercial work, Grosz is featured on the HBO comedy Veep and wrote for The Colbert Report and Seth Meyers Show — on top of other comedy credits.

Grosz heaped praise on Mountain Dew, Hyundai, Prius and his other favorite ads, but there were plenty more to discuss.

In all, about 40 stars made cameos in Super Bowl L, as reported by the New York Times. Celebrities Christopher Walken, Liam Neeson, Helen Mirren, Amy Schumer and Ryan Reynolds were part of the most expensive commercials of 2016. Steven Tyler hit his high notes for the love of Skittles and Drake replaced Kim Kardashian as the pop, millennial face chosen by T-Mobile. Even Sir Anthony Hopkins joined the wave by selling, or not selling, TurboTax.

One thing that was missing this year was the element of surprise. With most ads being shown online days before the game, there was not enough room for us to wonder. What we did have were old favorites like Budweiser and Pepsi, 15 first-time advertisers like PayPal and Fitbit and three first-timers from 2015 (Avocados From Mexico, Wix.com and Skittles) who decided to come back for more.

So what was your favorite ad of the Super Bowl 2016? Were they worth your time? Watch the video above and share your comments below.

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