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Snap files to IPO, United Airlines introduces cheaper seats (with one carry-on), and more news.

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Has confidentially filed to IPO. The company formerly called Snapchat could go public as early as March, and is valuing itself at $20-25 billion.

United Airlines
Introduced a new service to better compete with no-frills carriers. "Basic economy" will be the cheapest seats on the flight, but you'll be allowed only one carry-on, you will board last, and you can't pick your seat.

Is "warning" employees not to use an app by an advocacy group which has tried to help its workers agitate for higher pay and improved benefits, the Wall Street Journal reports. Walmart says it's just a scheme to collect private information.

Paul Ryan
Won the backing of fellow House Republicans, all but ensuring he will be re-elected Speaker when the next Congress convenes in January. Democrats delayed their leadership vote until after Thanksgiving.

"They need to start thinking about how to mitigate the not big, but potentially damaging parts of their platform.”
Vittorio Colao, Vodafone CEO, on Facebook

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