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Sir Martin Sorrell on Work: "This Is Not a Chore for Me"

WPP's Sir Martin Sorrell shares advice from his father and his own philosophy on work: do something you enjoy. "There's no such thing as stress, it just means you're not having fun."

Some of our favorite excerpts:
"My father's advice was, create a reputation. Not an external reputation, but internal reputation in a business and in an industry that you enjoy. And if you've wanted to do something on your own, you go and do it, but you don't flit from flower to flower, you know?

And so my vested interest is building that institution so people should stay rather than than flit. But I think there's something in what he said, and then if you find an industry you enjoy, and you wanted to do something on your own, you do it."

"So that would be my advice. It's very much the Mark McCormack model. Do something that's fun. I mean, this is not a chore for me. When I got up in the morning, I don't say, "Oh, Jesus Christ." Or, "Holy Moses, I'm going into the office again today." I mean, there are stresses and strains. Sometimes I think life does get a bit hectic. But in my view, there's no such thing as stresses. Just means you're not having fun."

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