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Share your experience to inspire others | Publish on LinkedIn

As a career success coach, speaker, and leadership trainer, Kathy Caprino helps women step up to their highest potential at work. See how the ripple effect of publishing on LinkedIn has let her reach millions and let her generate meaningful conversations around the world.

Read more on why Kathy writes: http://linkd.in/1CA8Moi and learn how you can get started publishing on LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/1xwO6Se

Video Transcript:

Having spent eighteen years doing work that isn't personally fulfilling, I feel like I’m making up for lost time.

It’s really about “How can I help?”. Now, as a speaker and a writer and a leadership trainer, my work is helping women step-up to their highest potential.

Everyone has a particular filter, a particular perspective. I write what inspires me, what agitates me, what motivates me. If we can reveal the real experience of our lives, I feel that that’s what really grabs readers and engages people.

It’s been amazing to watch the reach that has come from publishing on LinkedIn. It’s just wonderful the ripple effect. You're having conversations with people all over the world.

It’s an amazing experience to know that you can touch that many people.

Everyday I ask that question, “How can I help?” and I do say “If I can help one other person day, it’s a beautiful day.”

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