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Panama Papers goes online, Twitter's keeping its distance from US intelligence orgs, and more news.

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Panama Papers
New data has been made available, and it's now all online. There's a searchable database of all the offshore banking secrets exposed by the leak.

Has barred a service called Dataminr from providing information to US intelligence agencies, according to the WSJ. Twitter is reportedly worried about appearing too close to surveillance orgs.

Sumner Redstone
A judge dismissed the mental capacity case against Sumner Redstone, the 92-year old controlling shareholder for Viacom and CBS. Had the suit gone through, it could have had major implications for both companies.

John McAfee
The colorful software exec is coming back to the security industry. He'll lead an investment firm in the space—and the company will be renamed as John McAfee Global Technologies.

I’m convinced this is the most important task we are on earth to consider — are we living up to who we really are?
Derek Handley, Astronaut-in-Waiting, Virgin Galactic / Entrepreneur

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