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China's new silk road, Zuckerberg's new annual challenge, and more news.

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Facebook's CEO aims to get out and meet users in all 50 states. It's his annual personal challenge; previously he's run 365 miles and learned Mandarin.

Deliveries for the fourth quarter were off fell 9.4%, capping a down year. But "it's a slight miss, and it doesn't seem like one that's made Wall Street that upset," TechCrunch writes.

Workers will strike for 48 hours on Jan. 10 over "poverty pay" levels.

Sent a freight train on an 8,000-mile journey to London on "the new silk road" to strengthen economic ties with Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Quote of the Day
"For decades, technology and globalization have made us more productive and connected. This has created many benefits, but for a lot of people it has also made life more challenging. We need to find a way to change the game so it works for everyone."
- Mark Zuckerberg, on Facebook's future

Daily Top Headlines:
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Script: John Abell
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Producer: Florencia Iriondo

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