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Sallie Krawcheck Thought She Was Done—But Her Career Was Just Getting Started

Sallie Krawcheck wanted to be a journalist but she ended up on Wall Street. She didn't know it then, but it was where she was supposed to be.

Here's how to find your own path to success.

Some of our favorite excerpts:
"I really never ever had a plan. I mean, in fact, if I'd had a plan -- well, I did have some plans. They just didn't work out. I was gonna go back into journalism. I wanted to work on magazine publishing. I worked at Time Magazine for a summer in the business office. Did not get a job. Devastated, you know? Was given a job offer at Disney, but it was in LA.

Oh, I was pregnant. I mean, and I was 29 years, and ten months, which at the time seemed super old, with an infant, married, unemployed. And I thought, that's it. That's it. I went to college on a scholarship. I've let them down. I went to business school, I got in debt. I've let myself down. I'm done. Done.

And I was standing there one day, I was actually eating a pear, in my kitchen. I remember it like it was yesterday. And it was like a crack of lightning came through the window. And it was, "I should be an equity research analyst." Boom! I should be an equity research analyst. And dammit, I didn't know it right then, but this is what I'm supposed to be."

On taking risks:
"You gotta love what you're doing. And those things really go together. And you have to take risks. I mean -- and look, that can be difficult, or could be difficult in a Wall Street career. I remember thinking, you know, on Wall Street you can make quite a bit of money by staying in the pack.

You don't have to take a lot of risks. You can stay in the pack. Well, hold on, maybe I don't wanna be in the pack. Hm. Well, that means, you know, I can take some risk. I could shoot ahead, or I could get fired. And it can be that, you know, yes-or-no. For me, I was willing to take the risk. Other people aren't. So I think -- I think the combination of that, and love what you do."