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EPA plans to undo power plant emission limits, wildfires sweep Northern California, and more news.

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Power Plants
The EPA plans to undo limits placed on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants. The proposal to repeal the Obama-era Clean Power Plan is expected to be filed Tuesday.
California Fires
Wildfires swept through Northern California on Monday, killing at least 10 and forcing over 20,000 to evacuate. Governor Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency in eight counties and officials said that at least 1,500 homes and commercial buildings were destroyed.
Amazon Video
Amazon plans to add new features to woo video advertisers, reports CNBC, in a bid to better compete with YouTube. ads hold a lot of opportunity: The industry is set to reach $13.23 billion this year, with YouTube currently taking 21.7% of the pie.
"We are a resilient county; we will come back from this. But right now we need to grieve."
Shirlee Zane, Sonoma County Supervisor

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Script: Katie Carroll, Lorraine K. Lee 
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