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Deadly earthquakes hits Mexico, Sprint and T-Mobile are reportedly talking merger, and other news.

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An earthquake hit Mexico on Tuesday, killing over 200 people. The 7.1-magnitude quake is the second major tremor to hit the country in as many weeks.
The skilled foreign worker visa will be eligible again for fast processing after the option was suspended in April. Companies can pay $1,225 to process the visa within 15 days.
Wireless carriers T-Mobile and Sprint are reportedly in active merger talks. A combined company would take the No. 2 spot behind AT&T in the highly competitive industry.
“If the iPhone X is Apple’s bold vision of the future, the iPhone 8 is Apple making sure everyone else at the party has a nice time too.”
--Nilay Patel, reporter for The Verge

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Producer: Florencia Iriondo

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