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CEO of GM Mary Barra on Electric Cars: "We Want to Lead"

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CEO of GM Mary Barra joined LinkedIn Executive Editor Daniel Roth at LinkedIn Studios in NY to talk about the state of the auto industry, electrification and battery development.


"In key areas we definitely wanna lead. And I think in many cases, we are. When you look at what we have with connectivity, especially on all of our vehicles, but Chevrolet, Cadillac, Buick, GMC. And then, you know, our global brands. It really I think is important that we understand the customer. So connectivity.

"I mean, we all use our smartphones. And, you know, even in countries where-- you know, people are buying their first car, generally they're gonna buy a smartphone before they have the discretionary income to buy a car. So that kind of connectivity is very important.

"So whether it's putting OnStar and 4G LTE so we have the best communications technology, or enabling people to bring their phone, whether it's an Android or an Apple phone, and having that integrate. So for a couple of the key functions that are, you know, just so used to doing it on their phone. But then yet, you know, still integrated into the vehicle I think is critically important.

"When you look at people talk about autonomous; I like to call it intelligent driving systems 'cause there's so much technology on the car right now that we're putting on to improve safety. That will continue to grow. You know, on Cadillac, we're gonna have two technologies on two different Cadillac models, either super cruise where you can literally take your hands off the wheel, feet off the pedals-- at speed and in stop-and-go in certain conditions.

"Also, putting the first car that will have, at least to our knowledge right now, that will have the module to have vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, those are all steps on the journey. So I think it's important to lead in the key technologies because I think the learning-- that you get to-- to do it right and to make sure you do it in a way that the customer will value, plus going down-- the learning curve just with new technology from a cost perspective, from a improvement perspective is critical. So we intend to lead."

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