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Barbara Corcoran Tried 22 Jobs Before She Found the Right Career

Barbara Corcoran, real estate maven and Shark on ABC's Shark Tank, didn't know where her career would end up—and that's okay.

Here's her advice to people just starting out in their careers.

Some of our favorite excerpts:
"Ignore what your parents say. Especially if it's an affluent kid. A lotta pressure from comin' from the right schools with all the right advantages, with successful parents. Who wants to be that kid? I'm happy I'm a poor kid. I had none of that luggage. Thank God for bein' poor.

But I always give the same advice. Ignore your parents. It's your life. And try as many suits on as you can to see what you like. When you land on something you like, you're gonna know it and you build a career on it. I tried 22 things on."

"I mean, it's almost like -- ask someone to go to the store and pick out the right outfit. How do we get to dress well? We know what we look good in. And yet kids are expected, even in high school, what do you think you wanna do? What do you think you're gonna major in? What are you gonna major? Who the heck knows.

How about soccer for the moment 'cause I'm playing this afternoon. So I think there's too much pressure to define and you got all the time in the world. So much is learned from a variant positions and less important positions. Versus landing in the right place, getting the right job at the right company. So much pressure. And you know what it does? It stilts so many young people from becoming who they really could be. You don't know if you get stuck early. "