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Axel Springer Buys Business Insider, Yahoo Spins Off Alibaba. Click to Watch Today's Top Headlines

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Is going ahead with its plans to spin off its Alibaba stock. The company's board approved the move, even though it risks a $9 billion tax hit.

Advertising Week
Had visitors from Silicon Valley yesterday. Facebook announced a new video metric. Google announced email-based ad targeting.

Expects to double its nightly bookings by the end of the year. Even with its legal battles, they expect 80M bookings—up from 40M last year.

Axel Springer
Will acquire Business Insider for $343M. The deal with the German media giant values BI at $442M.
In a world where the widely adapted marketing strategy is Spray and Pray — soignée the critics, post pretty pictures to Instagram, go on TV — what else are you going to do? Actually, a lot.

Ben Leventhal, Co-Founder & CEO of Resy

Daily Top Headlines:
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