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Apple's plan to get you off your phone, meal kits hit supermarket shelves, and other news

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Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference begins today in San Jose, Calif., with a focus on software strategy, reports Bloomberg. The tech giant uses the annual weeklong event to unveil new product features and updates.
HelloFresh will sell its meal kits in nearly 600 Giant Food and Stop & Shop stores, starting this week. The move is the largest launch of pre-portioned meal kits in grocery stores.
Historic Meeting
The meeting between President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is back on, with the pair set to meet in Singapore on June 12. Trump wants North Korea to denuclearize in return for relief from economic sanctions.
“This is very powerful. It really changes the standard of care.” Dr. Ingrid Mayer, an author of a breast cancer study showing many women will no longer need chemo.
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