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Understanding the Technology Buyer on LinkedIn - TECHconnect Bangalore 2015

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Understanding the Technology Buyer on LinkedIn

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Understanding the Technology Buyer on LinkedIn - TECHconnect Bangalore 2015

  1. 1. ​Persona Of A Technology Buyer
  2. 2. • Brian is part of the decision-making process for Data Centre Software • He is an Information Technology Manager working with an Enterprise-sized, High Tech Company in NAMER
  3. 3. A bit about Brian… • 16 years in industry covering engineering, support and information technology Project Management Skills Edu Business Analysis Integration Bachelor’s Degree Master’s Degree
  4. 4. What is Brian doing on LinkedIn? Brian is using LinkedIn to connect with experts and engage with relevant content
  5. 5. When is he seeking out content and for what needs? 7 7 16 7 16 7 Brian consumes 2 to 4 distinct pieces of content at each stage of the buying cycleAssessment Specifications Selection Implementation Management Renewal Hours spent researching (last 3 months)
  6. 6. What sort of content is he looking for on LinkedIn? Test Automation DB2 XML Information Security IT Service Mobile Computing Scalability Cloud Computing He is actively seeking content to become a better informed decision-maker
  7. 7. What else is he seeing on LinkedIn? Industries sponsoring content to profiles like Brian in last 6 months Growth in number of companies targeting profiles like Brian in last 6 months Computer Software Information Technology & Services Internet 100+ 25% Top 3 Brian is a popular profile
  8. 8. And how does he respond to brand messaging? Sponsored InMail Sponsored Update Display Advertising Interaction Rate Brian is interacting with brand messaging on LinkedIn ISU D IM
  9. 9. So what do you need to do to reach Brian? Know your audience Take action Engage with relevance