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Blogging 101

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This module will cover how to be known for what you know – strengthen your reputation and grow your reach by publishing your story on LinkedIn.

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Blogging 101

  1. 1. Module 3
  2. 2. Module 3 This module will cover how to be known for what you know – strengthen your reputation and grow your reach by publishing your story on LinkedIn. Blogging on LinkedIn: 101 and Best Practice
  3. 3. LinkedIn Blogging 101
  4. 4. LinkedIn has recently opened up our publishing platform to our members, giving you a powerful new way to strengthen your professional brand. When you publish a post it: • Becomes part of your profile • Gets shared with your network • Reaches the largest group of professionals ever assembled 1. Why blog? On LinkedIn
  5. 5. 2. Sharing updates vs. Publishing posts Both will help you grow and engage your network Updates Are things you share like links articles, images, quotes or anything else that your followers might be interested in Posts Are where you can deeply explore topics that matter to you, then watch the comments to see your impact
  6. 6. • Log into your LinkedIn account • Click on Publish a post 3. So how do you get started? It’s easy!
  7. 7. • Once you click on the Publish a post button your will land on the Your Posts page. Here you will be guided to fill out everything you need to publish • Add an image • Write your headline • Format with fonts, text spacing, bullet points and media • Add tags relevant to your expertise • Publish or save for later – if you save a draft, you’ll be able to access again on Your Posts 4. The technical detail In Your Posts
  8. 8. • Once you hit Publish on the Your Posts page, your network will receive a notification that you have published a blog • Your post will appear on your profile page • Write an update linking to your blog also to help drive views 5. Publish
  9. 9. • Once you hit Publish on the Your Posts page, your network will receive a notification that you have published a blog • Your post will appear on your profile page • Write an update linking to your blog also to help drive views • You will receive notifications on likes and comments for your post, as well as being able to see number of views under the headline of your post 6. See engagement
  10. 10. LinkedIn Blogging Best Practice
  11. 11. • Share your observations, impressions and firsthand experience with your job, company or industry • Write about your successes (or your failures) and how you’ve learnt from them • Write about what inspires you to do what you do • Have an opinion on a topical issue within your industry 1. Write what you know Tell Your Story
  12. 12. LinkedIn has millions of executives, entrepreneurs, entry-level workers and people about to retire. It’s the working world all in one place. Be conversational but keep that conversation focused on the professional sphere. Write anything that: • Helps people understand trends in your industry of the larger economy • Gives context, advice or news that helps people get a competitive edge, jobs, promotions, or a stronger personal brand • Enhances your reputation as an expert in your field 2. Remember your audience Keep it professional
  13. 13. • Look at recent headlines to see if any recent topics relate to your own expertise or interests. Stay newsworthy • Write around a topic that people in your industry are talking about or that has traction in trade media • Go on to LinkedIn Pulse to see what is trending with your network 3. Be relevant When in doubt, turn to the news
  14. 14. • Don’t worry about waiting for the “perfect” draft – get your thoughts out there • Then let the comments you get help craft your next big idea • Remember LinkedIn is a social network, and you need to be active often to stay part of the conversation • Hint: recycle content! That presentation you wrote for a conference? That’s a post right there. 4. Be present Write often
  15. 15. • Help your post get noticed by making sure the title really catpures the message of your post • Avoid numbered lists (let Buzzfeed be Buzzfeed!) • If you are going to use a pun, make sure it’s more clever that cliched. Don’t go for the cheap click! You want to draw people in who will engage with your content 5. Draw readers with a catchy headline Think like a journalist “Apple Just Lost the Global Smartphone War to Google” - Curt Prins “If Maggie Gyllenhaal Can Cry at Work, You Can Too” - Victoria Pynchon “Don Draper Wouldn’t Recognise 75% of What We Do” - Sir Martin Sorrell “Burn your resume: LinkedIn has made it obsolete” - Steve Blakeman
  16. 16. • A clear and compelling image gives people a reason to click – it’s a window into your post • You an add a cover image to introduce your post, plus embed images, YouTube videos and Slideshare presentions to hook your readers • Hint: one of the best ways to find a good image is through Flickr’s Creative Commons search. Use Advanced Search and check “Only search within Creative Commons licensed content” 6. Choose images that stand out
  17. 17. • Be sure to give credit whenever you’re quotes, citing other sources and uses images • Use links and source lines liberally and always make sure you have the rights to images you use 7. Always attribute
  18. 18. • Above all else, be you and true to your voice • Try to weave in examples from your personal experience. Personal anecdotes can go a long way in capturing your audience’s attention 8. Be authentic
  19. 19. • Two words: Spell check! Do a thorough spell check before publishing • Buddy up with a colleague who can sense check and edit for you also. Have at least one other person read your post before hitting publish • Don’t make your post too long. As a general guide: posts which are 300-500 words perform the best on LinkedIn. 9. Do a copy edit
  20. 20. Readers can find and engage with your posts through: • Getting shared with your connections and followers through the news feed • By being commented on, liked and shared by members of your network • Through being added to your LinkedIn profile Writing on LinkedIn is a great way to tap into and grow your network. Not only will your posts reach your connections, you can also build a following • Share your posts to make sure they get read. The more you share across your social networks, the bigger your audience and impact • Start meaningful conversations with your readers. Keep it a two-way conversation by replying to comments on your posts. You’ll build a relationship with your audience and you might make new connections – which can lead to new opportunities. • Want to start a deeper conversation? Reply with an InMail 10. Grow your reach Optimise your impact
  21. 21. Need more inspiration?
  22. 22. 1. Follow Influencers like Richard Brandon, Sir Martin Sorrell and Deepak Chopra 2. Join the Writing on LinkedIn Group, where you can interact with other members who are publishing on LinkedIn 3. Follow LinkedIn Pulse channels that match your industry or interests Overcome blank-page syndrome with these strategies…