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  1. 1. SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR Lingam.A Cell: (+91) 9003361483 8608394496 Email: lingam.jeeva@gmail.com _____________________________________________________________ Career Objective : To join an organization that offers a challenging work environment innovative culture and technically advanced work styles so that knowledge and potential get utilized to the fullest towards and organization advancement. EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATIONS: MCA from N.M.S.S.VELLAICHAMY NADAR College affiliated to Madurai Kamarajar University with an aggregate of 70%in the year 2012. EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITES: • ADJP (Advanced Diploma in Java Programming). • ADCHN (Advanced Diploma in Computer Hardware & Networking) Experience: 3 Year Organization: AGS Transact Technologies Ltd, Bangalore. Designation: System Administrator (Hardware and Network Support Engineer) Period : 10 October, 2012 to 20 September 2015 Experience: 11 Months 20 July 2015 Till now Current Organization: Pandian Saraswathi Yadav Engg College Designation: System Administrator (Hardware and Network Support Engineer) Job Responsibility: System Administrator, with a strong performance background in wide variety of professional system support and solution-based IT services for Computer Systems (or administrations) including, monitoring, configuration, troubleshooting and maintenance of operating systems.  Troubleshooting related to Hardware Problems.  Installing & Configuring of PC Hardware’s & Software’s.  Configure and Backup MS Outlook.  Install and updating the Antivirus software.
  2. 2.  Responsible for the Repair and Maintenance of the desktops.  Installing Printer and sharing in the Local Area Network.  Installed and configured all the Servers in the network per specifications of clients.  Monitored the servers and Linux scripts regularly and performed troubleshooting steps – Tested and installed the latest software on server for end-users.  Attended calls related to customer queries and complaints, offered solutions. Roles: • Installing Service Pack for OS & Updates. • Installation Application software’s & troubleshooting. • Hardware troubleshooting for all kind of Desktops, Laptops & Basic Servers. • Adding users to workgroups/domains and troubleshooting client side network issues. • Configuration and troubleshooting of Ms-Outlook. • Troubleshooting of network printer and configuration. • Managing User Profile. • Troubleshooting Network Issues. • Knowledge in IP Address. • Knowledge in LAN cabling crimpling & troubleshooting. • Configuring LAN & VLANs & troubleshooting. • Attending User calls & Updates in Tickets. TECHINICAL SKILLS:  Languages: C, C++, VB, and Java.  Databases: MS-Access, SQL Server-2000.  Scripting Languages: HTML, XML. PERSONAL PROFILE: Name: A.Lingam Date of Birth: 05-06-1988, Fathers Name: V.Athimoolam, Gender: Male. Nationality: Indian. Marital Status: Single. DECLARATION: I am also confident of my ability to work in a team. I hereby declare that the information furnished above is true to the best of my Knowledge. Place:Thiruppuvanam Yours Faithfully
  3. 3. A.Lingam