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8th september 2015 lecture notes

notes from film studies lecture.

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8th september 2015 lecture notes

  1. 1. Film Studies Lecture Binary Opposition  Blue and white colours = Good  Red and black colours = Evil Connotations associated with Evil  Green and purple colours = colour of poison = we as a viewer dislike and stay away from this colour as we associate it with death/evil.  Crow = Connotation of death.  Facial disfigurement = Evil. As seen in movies such as James Bond and Batman.  If we remove human features from a character They clash
  2. 2. such as their eyebrows, nose, face, hands etc. we usually associate this character with being evil as we can’t relate to them as much as if we can see a human face to the character. L.A Noire Game poster Communication of meaning  Semiotics – The study of signs/creating meaning from things we observe. Denotations and Connotations  Denotations – What something is (dictionary definition).  Connotations – What something can represent. Diegesis (story world of film) - Holdingagun = associatedwithevil and violence. - Half of the character’s face is inthe light(blue) and half of hisface isin the dark (red) =conflicting betweengoodandevil. - Redglowbehindthe police – we would associate thiswithevil and corruptionof the law. - The womanon the posterhas a blue tint across herface = innocent victim? - Wearingbrown earthycoloursas well as a red tie = conflictingsides. - Seriousfacial expression. - Representslawand chaos. - Onlythingstanding betweencorruption and real life. - Holdingthe gunin an aggressive way – not defensive. - Openposture againstthe police in the backgroundwho have a closedposture and foldedarms.
  3. 3.  Diegetic – Sound belonging to the story world of the film.  Non-diegetic – Sound from outside the story world of the film. - Changing the soundtrack changes the meaning of the image/media. Iconography  Aspects of a product we expect to see in the genre.  Western – Desert/cowboys/horses/gun fight/ damsel in distress.  Sci-fi – Space/aliens/space ship/ futuristic technology/ intelligence.  Fantasy – Fairies/fairy tales/crystals/potions/love story/magic/mythological/horses. A narrative  A product’s storyline. A linear narrative  Storyline is presented in the order; beginning, middle and end. A non-linear narrative  A storyline that jumps around the product’s timeline; out of order/sequence, flashbacks, flash forwards. Diegetic sound  Dialogue  Sound effects  Ambient sounds  Music – which the character is listening to in the scene. Non-diegetic sound  Soundtrack  Orchestralsound effects o Bang of a drumin a jump scare. o Violin string to build tension.
  4. 4. Stereotypes Gender: Men  In charge/working  Physicalfitness/sports  Violence/crimes  Colour blue  Uniformity in Men Women  Can’t do things as good as men  Multi-tasking  Motherly instinct/house-wife  Colours of pink/yellow  Weak/defenceless  Polite