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Egypt powerpoint

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Egypt powerpoint

  1. 1. EGYPTBy: Jordan and Josh| Mr. Gehlhar| 7th Grade
  2. 2. WHERE EGYPT IS LOCATED• Egypt is located in Northern Africa and is bordered on the west by Libya and on the south Sudan and on the east the red sea and Isreal
  3. 3. GEOGRAPHIC AL FEATURES OF EGYPT• The nile river in egypt is one of the longest rivers in the world. It is near the gaza strip. There is periodic droughts; frequent earthquakes; flash floods; landslides; hot, driving windstorm called khamsin occurs in spring; dust storms, and sandstorms
  4. 4. CLIMATE OF EGYPT• Egypt is a very dry and sandy environment. There is periodic droughts and hot dry summers with moderate winters. It is almost like a desert.
  5. 5. EGYPTS ENVIRONMENT• Camels are very common in Egypt. They are a common form of transportation and are found throughout Egypt.• Wild Crocodiles are found in the nile river. They can grow huge and will eat anything.• Snakes are common and like the cobra are very poisonus. They are not the largest snakes but have some of the worlds most powerful venom
  6. 6. EGYPTS HISTORYThe Nile The First The old The Middle The new Wars andLifeline Dynasty Kindom Kindom Kindom Revolution6,000 B.C. 3,000 B.C. 2580-2130 BC 2000-1630 BC 1540-1080 BC 1939-1952 ADThe Gathering The unifying Several Stability has The new During andof Hunter- of the upper centuries returned and kindom of after worldGatherers and lower after the during this egypt lasted war twoaround the egyptians led unifying of time the first for almost violenceNile River to power and Egypt the first serious half a breaks out instarted Egypt stability and pyramid was attempt at millenium. the border the start of an made and a starting an This period is countries of empire was small attempt empire is where we get egypt. Egypt born at becoming made most of the Remained an empire is artifacts from Nuetral. made Egypt.
  7. 7. RELIGION OF EGYPT The population of Egypt is 71 million. Around 62 million are muslim and Sunni. 8-9 million are Christian Egyptians. Egypt has good hospitality because of there faith and require little personal space
  8. 8. EGYPTS GOVERNMENT• Egypt has a republican government. They just had a tyrant for there ruler and they are still recovering from his rule. They have a multi-party quasi- presidential system to vote on laws so the true power is on the president
  9. 9. ECONOMY OF EGYPT• Egypts economey is pretty bad right now because of the tyrant ruler and because of the overpopulation and not enough food to feed the people of Egypt. This resulted in Inflation and now the Economy is worse.
  10. 10. THANKS FOR WATCHING• Hope you learned a lot about Egypt 