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Effortless Entertainment

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Control4 lets you control your movies, game stations, television, music, and speakers with one easy-to-use interface. Plus features like searching for movies by their cover art and accessing all kinds of video sources–Blu-Ray, streaming video, etc–makes Control4\'s system unique and super fun to use. And it doesn\'t just stop there. You can also control all your other Control4 features like heating, lighting, security systems, and safety features too. Control4 makes entertaining easy.

With just a touch of a button, you\'ll create the perfect setting for TV parties, game nights, PS3 parties, hang outs, and movie nights. Just be aware that with Control4\'s home theater and outdoor entertainment solutions, your house may turn into the place everyone wants to hang out in. You may have to lock your doors and turn off your lights if you want a nice evening alone!

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