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Sight and sound

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Sight and sound

  1. 1. Film Magazine: Sight & Sound
  2. 2. I have included this because compared to Empire, Sight & Sound concentrate deeply on the analysis of a film, looking at comments and making criticisms. This is conventionally bigger to make it stand out. I chose to contrast white with black so it grabs even more attention. I’ve used a very similar font as Sight & Sound because it’s clear, quick to read and thus the reader will make the easy choice of buying it quickly.
  3. 3. The yellow and red are very bright which is conventional in Art House movie posters. This is the font I use in my teaser trailer and film poster which helps create familiarity. The linkage to each product prompts the film and gains awareness.
  4. 4. The girl is looking away from the knife, I decided to do this to fit in with a narrative strand in my film as she doesn’t want to particpate in this situation but she has no choice. This links to the emotions in my trailer. The use of shadows reinforce my genre and links to each of my products as this is a huge convention of the genre I tend to repeat. I used studio lit lighting to ensure a visually stunning photograph for critics to comment on; which is a serious aspect in Sight & Sound. The watch around the weapon makes it more interesting to look at, plus it reinforces the key theme of time. However the watch isn’t the focal point, so it doesn’t take over all my media products. A close up of the actor is a key convention as it is the focal point of the magazine, it also implies a more direct approach.