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Attending Conferences: How to Maximize Your Experience

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Are you attending conferences? If not, you should be. In this presentation, I share how to find the right conferences and take full advantage of them for your blog.

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Attending Conferences: How to Maximize Your Experience

  2. 2. Whyshouldyoustart Attendingconferences TO GET CONNECTED ? WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  3. 3. WhyshouldyoustartAttendingconferences Getting out there and connecting with other people who get excited about the same kinds of things you get excited about can be game-changing. Those relationships can open up many new opportunities for you and your business. TO GET CONNECTED WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  4. 4. TO BE INSPIRED Whyshouldyoustart Attendingconferences?? WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  5. 5. Whyshouldyoustart Attendingconferences TO BE EQUIPPED WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  6. 6. WhyshouldyoustartAttendingconferences Regardless of where you are in your business, there’s ALWAYS something new to learn. By choosing your conferences (and sessions) wisely, you are putting yourself in a position to learn exactly what you need to learn from the experts who have answers to your questions. TO BE EQUIPPED WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  7. 7. HowdoyouPreparefora Conference?? What happens before the conference is very important. Taking the right steps beforehand will set you up for success during and after the conference. WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  8. 8. HowdoyouPrepareforaConference Plan your sessions 1 Sign up for the sessions that are most important to you. Plan your networking. 2 Make a list of those people you want to network so you can make sure to take advantage of each of those networking opportunities. WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  9. 9. HowdoyouPrepareforaConference Plan your travel and accommodations. 3 Make initial contact. 4 Toughing base with people the day before the event is a great way to keep you fresh in their minds for when you meet in person. WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  10. 10. HowdoyouPrepareforaConference Practice your elevator pitch 5 Get your business cards 6 Having a set of business cards to give out makes it easier for people to contact you if they choose to do so. Keep a set of business cards in your suitcase at all times. Focus your elevator pitch on the people you help, not how awesome you are. WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM Leslie SamuelLeslie Samuel
  11. 11. HowdoYouChoosethe RightConferences First, determine YOUR GOALS. ? ? What are my goals for my blog and my business? 1 WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  12. 12. HowdoYouChoosetheRightConferences Choose the types of conferences that will help you accomplish your goals. Do a Google Search. Find out from trusted sources in your niche. 2 WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  13. 13. MakingtheMostoutof theConference It’s game time. WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  14. 14. MakingtheMostoutoftheConference Register immediately. 1 Avoid long lines and take advantage of limited resources offered. HELLOMY NAME IS Leslie HELLOMY NAME IS Leslie Get the lay of the land. 2 Take time at the very beginning to figure out where the key locations are. WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  15. 15. MakingtheMostoutoftheConference Seek out the people you want to connect with. 3 Go up to them, introduce yourself and connect with them. Don’t be THAT guy/gal. 4 Remember, your goal is not to pitch as many people as possible. Your goal is to connect with people. WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  16. 16. MakingtheMostoutoftheConference Walk up to strangers and bite the bullet 3 Go up to them, introduce yourself and connect with them. Connect with people on Social Media immediately. 4 That way you can keep track of what all of your new conference friends are doing. WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  17. 17. MakingtheMostoutoftheConference Take notes during sessions. 7 Focus on the main action items you want to implement. Be on the lookout for that golden nugget 8 – something that you can do that could have a significant impact on your business. Important notes: WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  18. 18. MakingtheMostoutoftheConference Put down your technology. 9 Live in the moment with the people you are with. Have fun. Seriously, have a TON of FUN! 10 WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  19. 19. WhattodoAftera conference You may be feeling overwhelmed. Here's how to deal with that... WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  20. 20. WhattodoAfteraconference CALM DOWN 1 Yep, that’s tip #1. Before you go all out trying to accomplish World Domination in one week, CALM DOWN. Create one big hairy audacious goal based on golden nugget. 2 WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  21. 21. WhattodoAfteraconference Break that goal down into specific tasks 3 Every goal is accomplished by taking specific action. Having a goal is great, but unless you break it down into specific actionable tasks, you will never accomplish your goal. Follow up with your contacts 4 @ WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM
  22. 22. CONGRATULATIONS You're on your way to becoming a conference ninja. ! WWW.BECOMEABLOGGER.COM