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When your pc starts seeing blue screen

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Our Help PC Online team uses thorough knowledge of IT processes and cutting edge technologies for PC repair. We don't care whether it's a hardware, driver, software, security, virus or spam related problem that's bugging you; our computer repair experts will handle everything for you in the best way possible. We are also one of the only people around that have a specialized 24/ 7 tech support exclusively for blue screen errors too. Our online remote computer repair service is always at your disposal whenever you have computer problems.

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When your pc starts seeing blue screen

  1. 1. Don’t you hate the time when your PC starts seeing blue!Blue screen errors can be the most irritating of nuisances with your PC. Theseerrors are not meaningless and they do appear for a reason. There is technicalreasoning behind them and it surely can be corrected.Timely and proper maintenance of your computer lets you live error free life. Wehelp you get instant relief from the errors and make sure you don’t see theunwanted blue screen again.What is blue screen of Death?The Blue Screen of Death, ’Windows Stop Message’ occurs when Windowsdetects a problem or error from which it cannot recover. The operating system
  2. 2. halts and diagnostic information is displayed on a blue screen. In newer versionsof the operating system, the contents of the PC’s memory are dumped to a file forlater analysis.When do Blue Screen Errors come?Just like trouble, there is no fixed time for these errors to come. They pop up outof the blue, much to your agony. To generalize, BSoDs are common at points like: During Windows setup During Windows upgrade process Due to virus on the PC During automatic restart after an upgrade After installing new hardwareAre Blue Screen Errors limited to Windows XP?Unfortunately, No! If you are a Windows Vista or Windows 7 user and think thatthe blue screen problem has left you with XP, well! You are in for somedisappointment. Windows Vista and Windows 7 are also prone to these errors,although they try to fix the problem at their own end but they need expertintervention as well.HelpPConline to the rescue
  3. 3. We are a team of Microsoft certified technicians who diagnose, understand andrectify all blue screens errors from your PC. There are no hidden formulas wework on. Everything we do is open for you to understand and appreciate. Hereare a few steps we follow: Reinstall the device driver — Our team of technical experts will reinstall thedevice driver if it is causing the problem. Update driver — If you are using the older version of driver then we will updatethe same for you. Load the default BIOS values — We help lead the default BIOS value to fix theBlue Screen of Death problem. Update Windows — Sometimes it is required to update the Windows version toget rid of the issue. Memory test and virus scan — We run memory checks and virus scans to knowthe exact cause of the problem and then deal with it accordingly.