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Smart irrigation - IoT 2019 Sapienza University



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Smart Irrigation project presentation

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Smart irrigation - IoT 2019 Sapienza University

  1. 1. Smart Irrigation Andrea Fioraldi, Leonardo Sarra
  2. 2. The problem - Rome has a lot of green areas - But most of them are not maintained and are dilapidated - Because maintenance has a cost and the city of Rome has poor organization skills Piazza Venezia - Summer 2018
  3. 3. The greener the better - Improved air quality. Trees remove smoke, dust and other pollutants from the air. - Reduced heat in urban areas by countering the warming effects of paved surfaces, thus reducing energy consumption. - Privacy and tranquility. Well-placed plantings offer privacy and tranquility by screening out busy street noises and reducing glare from headlights. -> Stress reduction - Good landscaping increases community appeal. Improves perceived value of municipal services offered.
  4. 4. Our solution: a smart irrigation system - Always connected - Take informations from environmental sensors (like attendance, humidity and temperature) in order to decide when it’s better to irrigate - Plan irrigation based on weather - Improves green spaces quality and optimizes water consumption
  5. 5. Fauna classification - The idea of the smart irrigation system can be expanded by adding fauna classification for the green areas - Sound sensors are needed - We don’t spy on people’s conversations - Only features extracted from the mel spectrograms plot are important
  6. 6. Open data - Informations about the sensors and the green space quality can be collected and exposed for everyone to be seen. - We expect that some people are interested in fauna informations. - If available we could provide data about attendances too - Data may be used to decide when a human maintenance of the green space is needed
  7. 7. Info & Contacts Andrea contacts: ● Twitter: @andreafioraldi ● GitHub: https://github.com/andreafioraldi ● LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrea-fioraldi/ Leonardo contacts: ● GitHub: https://github.com/LithiumSR/ ● LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/leonardo-sarra-b34691182/