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Car monitoring POC



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A POC of a project regarding the monitoring of cars.

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Car monitoring POC

  1. 1. Car Monitoring POC IOT 2019 Leonardo Sarra, Gabriele Cervelli, Giorgio De Magistris
  2. 2. The idea - Obtain car informations using OBD module interfaced with an Android Application. - Send the data stream to a third party server. - Provide useful infographics in a web interface through the aggregation of the data coming from multiple cars.
  3. 3. On Board Diagnostic (OBD) module - Allow communication with the car’s system. - Wide range of informations : fuel, oil, distance, throttle, brake and error codes… - Provide a bluetooth interface to interact with. - The behavior of the module can be customized using the bluetooth interface (e.g: output and timeouts)..
  4. 4. The Android application - Enable the user to configure the OBD module. - Obtain informations from the car and process them (filtering process). - Mix car’s informations and smartphone’s ones (Location) and send them as a data stream to a remote server.
  5. 5. Sending data: Apache Edgent Library - Offers a set of APIs to create and process data streams in edge devices. - Supports filtering of data. - Supports lightweight messaging protocols and external IoT platforms .
  6. 6. Aggregate data: IBM Watson IOT Platform - A remote server that process sensor data instantly to help identify valuable insights related to device behavior and operations in the field. - No concerns about device connection details.
  7. 7. Store data: IBM Cloudant NoSQL Database - Distributed JSON document database. - Stores seamlessly data coming from Watson IOT platform in time-based buckets. - Easy to access data through powerful visualization frameworks.
  8. 8. Elasticsearch and Kibana - Elasticsearch is both a search and analytics engine and also allows data storage - It provides powerful APIs for aggregating and retrieving huge amounts of data - Kibana allows to visually represent the results offering a wide range of visualization tools
  9. 9. Example of useful infographics
  10. 10. THANKS!