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Welcome to IPAR Industrial Partners b.v.

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Welcome to IPAR Industrial Partners b.v.

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Welcome to IPAR Industrial Partners b.v.

  1. 1. IPAR Industrial Partners b.v. is an industrial services provider with an exclusive wide range of industrial products and components. IPAR supports its customers with high quality and wide-ranging material and application knowledge, aimed at finding the optimal solution for the customer. IPAR guarantees a service minded approach and an attitude of reliability. Also have a look at our corporate presentation (4MB, in pdf format) and our scope of delivery. IPAR Industrial Partners b.v. operates as a partner from the customer's point of view. IPAR operates herein as an extension of renowed multi-national producers, who are true innovators on their field of industrial applications. Our Your 1-stop solution concept is, amongst others, applicable to our following fields of expertise: • Engineering • Consulting • Material management • Logistics • Cost control • But above all supplying high quality industrial products and components! Having over 50 years of experience in various industrial segments, we offer a thorough knowledge and experience. IPAR is capable of implementing advised solutions and following these through to its complete implementation, so you can keep your focus on your core competencies. Our market focus and service oriented attitude enables us to operate fexibly on a market where the daily speed of change demands rapid reactions. We are supported by an almost unlimited source of knowledge by our reliable back up of high quality and professional suppliers of A-brands. They offer us all the special, detailed knowledge yóu need. IPAR is a specialist in a wide variety of different product groups and offers its services to the following market segments: • OEM Machinery • End users • Project Sales IPAR ensures the quality of it supplied products and services, back uped by our quality assurance and control system (based on ISO 9001:2000). IPARIndustrial partners b.v. operates on the complete Benelux market and is part of Sator Holding. Feel free to contact us if you need more information or if you have any questions! Over 75 years ago, HAVAM B.V. was established in Venlo, The Netherlands, a technical import and trade company in automotive materials and industrial products. During the seventies a seperate division was set up for the industrial components and systems: HAVAM Industrial Division. Over time this Industrial Division more and more defined its own profile as its function extended beyond just supplying industrial products. Growing understanding of the various industrial markets with their market specific issues and special desires meant Industrial Division became a full-grown partner for the entire Dutch industry market. To give this division an individual corporate profile in 1991 IPAR
  2. 2. Industrial Partners b.v. was established. In its company name is included the core business of IPAR, namely that IPAR is most and for all an industrial partner, working from the perspective of the customer. At the end of 2007 international expansion was established by taking over the industrial activities of Van Heck Interpièces, formerly Interpièces-Industrie, in Vilvoorde, Belgium. Since then IPAR is actively covering the entire Benelux market, with various customers in all three countries. In 2008 the international character of IPAR is further reinforced by adopting the current house style and tone of voice, which does justice to what IPAR stands for: Your 1-stop solution IPAR Industrial Partners b.v. is an industrial services provider with an exclusive wide range of industrial products and components. IPAR supports its customers with high quality and wide ranging material and application know-how, aimed at finding the best solution. IPAR guarantees a service minded attitude and reliability in all aspects. Vision IPAR is considered a preferred supplier of industrial companies as a reliable partner in finding solutions to problems in various fields, like engineering, advice and consultancy, materials management, logistics, cost control and supplying high-quality industrial products and components. Mission IPAR works form the point of view of the customer, aiming at solving their issues best. To that end IPAR can count on the extensive expertise and support of a vast number of supporters who are all A-brand producers supplying both standard products and tailor-made components for a solution that will be the best and least expensive for the customer at the end, down the line. Positionng IPAR is an independent, full-service supplier of A-brands, with a broad range of industrial products and components. Instead of focussing just upon the cheapest products and components, IPAR gets into a holistic solution which gives the best and least expensive solutions at the very end, down the line, for example by offering custom-made components when necessary. Backed by the expertise and know-how of a huge number of A- brands producers, IPAR thus can drastically reduce the high number of expensive contacts customers usually have with many specialists, and thus save lots of time and money. Following companies already have been hiring the services of IPAR for a shorter or longer period of time to their full satisfaction: OEM/Machinery Bosch Rexroth Parker
  3. 3. ICE VESTAS Weir IHC Wärtsilä Propulsion Unisign TOBROCO Bremat Schelde Gears Grasso Products Werklust Hansen transmission Stork Plastic Machinery New Holland Tractor Project Sales Ministry of Defence Diffutherm Nedtrain End Users DAF Trucks Ministry of Defence Nedtrain Caterpillar Belgium Rederij Jan de Nul Volvo Cars Belgium Convince yourself as well, alike the companies above, of the Your 1-stop solution concept of IPAR and feel free contact us without obligations! disclaimer privacy