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Following Change on Facebook: Issue 6

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Following the Facebook f8, digital strategists from Leo Burnett / Arc Worldwide offer a one-pager covering the developments: What's new, what it means for users/brands/communities, what we're watching and what we think will happen next.

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Following Change on Facebook: Issue 6

  1. 1. Following Change on Facebook – Profound Platform Evolution!What’s New! What it Means for Users! What it Means for Brands! What We’re Watching! Predictions!Timeline! Profiles evolve to scrapbooks. Users will New dynamic for brands on Facebook. Shift Learnings and emerging best practices for Once users are familiar with Timeline, shift from reporting (posts about what’s from content creators to experience Apps in Timelines from launch partners look for a version of it to be released for happening now) to storytelling (curating architects. Develop experiences that provide (Spotify, Netflix, etc).! brand Pages – further transforming how the content of their lives – past, present, value to users, help them enhance their ! brands utilize Facebook.! and future).! Timelines, communicate with brands.! Potential for increased conversation with consumers due to “socialized Apps.” Where is this conversation taking place? What does it sound like?!Ticker! Allows users to instantly see what their Total reliance on Page posts is a thing of the How consumers actually use the Ticker.! Emergence of new ad units that are friends and Liked brands are doing. “Real past. Ticker is a small space. Brands ! similar to Sponsored Stories.! time” stream of content in Ticker may compete for user attention within a steady Performance of abbreviated Sponsored ! overwhelm some; others may stay on-site stream of posts from friends, Apps, and Stories that appear in the Ticker.! Incorporation of Ticker into Facebook’s longer, captivated by endless flow of other brands that disappear quickly from ! Mobile App.! updates. Leaves the News Feed as view. ! Rules and patterns determining whether repository for “old” content in full form. ! ! brand content populates the Ticker vs. News Understand user behavior patterns and Feed.! deliver value to earn space in Tickers, News Feeds, and Timelines. !Gestures 
 Express real-world actions online, not just Initial Gestures are universal: Watched, The rollout of additional universal Gestures Brands that incorporate Gestures that are their affinity for things (Like).! Listened, and Read. These can be and opportunities to develop custom Verbs.! more relevant to their purpose/product/(aka Verbs)! ! incorporated into Apps or buttons. ! ! service should see higher engagement No longer need to Like a brand to engage ! Potential for increased engagement between than with previous Like function.! with it.! Brands cannot own Gestures, but should consumers and brands when Like barrier is evaluate which ones, if any, are relevant removed.! and investigate interaction patterns that can populate the News Feed.!Apps! Apps help users make their Timelines Raises bar for brand presence on Shifts in engagement with brand Pages.! Similar to the mobile app market, there more interesting, enabling them to share Facebook. Brands need to embrace the ! will be strong competition and competitors and discover with friends.! change and reevaluate their approach. ! New Gestures released for Apps and will extend beyond those in your industry. ! ! opportunities to create your own Verbs in the ! It’s not about number of Likes; it’s about future.! Opportunities will arise for brands to engagement. Requires a user-centric ! partner with media/entertainment Apps or approach – allowing for participation (be How many Apps the average users actively with other brands vs. building a social by design) and having a clear maintain.! proprietary App.! purpose.!OpenGraph! Frictionless experiences and one-time Opportunities to amplify engagements with What Facebook will do with all this Privacy will become more of an issue.! permissions take the work out of sharing. ! your brand that occur outside of Facebook behavioral data.! !! ! (purchases, reviews, etc.). OpenGraph ! Facebook may incorporate some element News Feeds and Tickers inundated with integration can complement Apps or be an Whether lightweight engagements are of curation back into sharing.! posts, or users inadvertently share things alternative to developing an App.! viewed as noise or items of interest.! ! they might not want to share. !Following Change on Facebook, Vol 1, Issue 6 October 2011 © Leo Burnett | Contact: Marina Molenda 312-220-5465 / twitter.com/marina81!