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Eye On: New MySpace

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Eye On: New MySpace

  1. 1. Eye On: The New Myspace Description: Social entertainment network that connects fans with artists & each other Status: Platform to watch Myspace’s roots have long been in music. Now the platform is evolving to become a holistic entertainment destination that connects people with a variety of artists (musicians, photographers, filmmakers, designers) and fans with similar interests. The first phase of this evolution is the relaunch of Myspace with a new site design. The new design was announced September 25 via a promo video at new.myspace.com – where visitors are invited to submit their email to “expect an invite very soon.” The promo video teases at what the new Myspace will be like, but there is still much that is unknown. Though the new design remains to be seen, we can outline explicit changes evident in the promo video and predict implicit changes we expect when we gain access to this new community: Explicit Changes – What we can expect Visual design – The new design is very visual. This approach extends from profile to the news feed to search and discovery. Myspace is clearly tapping into the trend of visual content & design demonstrated on social networks like Pinterest, Polyvore, Instagram, and Tumblr. Why it’s important: Eye catching, interesting visuals with concise copy will be essential to successfully activating on Myspace. It may also signal a revamped platform that works consistently on mobile and desktop. Music is still core to the platform – Featured content areas Source: new.myspace.com are trending music, mixes, music discovery, videos, radio, and events. Additionally, users can listen to music while browsing the site via a media player in the footer menu. Why it’s important: Providing or sponsoring this type of content could be an opportunity for brands. New metrics – Given the consideration for trending content, users will see metrics on their top fans, including who the most influential fan is. These are unique metrics that have yet to be seen on any other social platform. Why it’s important: These insights could help in understanding, identifying, and activating advocates and influencers. Target messaging – Ability to target messages/exclusive content to top fans. Why it’s important: Interesting way to reward advocates, and underscores the focus on content in this new format. Source: new.myspace.com Implicit Changes – What we anticipate Brand pages/profiles – Myspace is promoting itself as a platform for artists and fans. In the past there wasn’t a formal place for brands like there is on Facebook or Twitter. It’s unclear if the new Myspace will offer brands (especially those outside of the entertainment industry) the option of creating pages like those of artists or fans. Advertising opportunities – Traditionally Myspace offered rich media display ads. Now that Specific Media owns the platform it’s probably safe to assume that rich media will continue to be offered. However, where those placements will be and if new formats and partnership opportunities will emerge is still unknown. Expanding beyond music – Myspace indicates that it wants to be an entertainment engagement destination. The promo video suggests that music will still be a primary focus when the platform relaunches. Video is listed as part of the new features but it’s unclear if this will mean music videos or other video content such as film or TV. It is unclear as to when Myspace will expand its focus to other types of entertainment beyond music, or how much of the property’s previous content types will carry over. We will continue to monitor Myspace to look for and advise on brand opportunities as they arise.Eye On: MySpace, Vol 1, Issue 2, October 2012 © Leo BurnettContact: Marina Molenda (312-220-5465) or Jake Setlak (312-220-4005)