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Making Social Media Work in your Organization

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Slides for my presentation today at #APRE2019, the Allied Public Relations Executives Annual Conference in Scottsdale, Ariz. This is a group of PR leaders from various state hospital and health care organizations.

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Making Social Media Work in your Organization

  1. 1. ©2016 MFMER | 3507910- Making Social Media Work in Your Organization Lee Aase, Director, Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (#MCSMN) • @LeeAase
  2. 2. Learning Objectives: You will be able to • Describe elements of effective social media strategy, including content strategy, and how to conduct a brand audit • Discuss use of metrics to manage social media programs and to demonstrate their value to leadership • Describe the range of video options in social media, from highly produced short segments to live broadcasts, and appropriate applications of each type • Explain the benefits of staff engagement in social media for brand advocacy, as well as the need for appropriate training to harness this important organizational resource • Recognize the value of a social media management system to streamline content management and publication and to facilitate audience engagement
  3. 3. Agenda and Disclaimers • Reviewing these concepts and issues as we have experienced them at Mayo Clinic • Theme-Weaving through Storytelling • Transparency and Discussion • Your mileage may vary… • …but principles are broadly applicable, and • We have developed turbocharging resources you can use
  4. 4. Developing Effective Social Media Strategy • Start with organizational/business strategy • Who are your customers/patients (Audience)? • How do you reach/attract/serve them now? • How can social and digital tools support that business model? • What do you want your audience to feel, believe or do? • Platform selection and content strategy follow
  5. 5. !6
  6. 6. !7 Why?
  7. 7. !8
  8. 8. “(In 1905) McClure’s Magazine…recounted the story of that country doctor and his brother, and of St. Mary’s Hospital, which handled more surgical cases annually than any other hospital in the United States, more than even the great Johns Hopkins.” (The Doctors Mayo, Helen Clapesattle, p. 289)
  9. 9. Mayo Clinic’s Original Social Networkers
  10. 10. “By the end of the 1920s Dr. Will could say he had studied surgery in every town in America and Canada of one hundred thousand population or more, and had crossed the Atlantic thirty times.” (The Doctors Mayo, Helen Clapesattle, p. 405)
  11. 11. Countries Dr. Will Mayo Visited
  12. 12. Countries Dr. Will Mayo Visited Austria Denmark Ireland Scotland Australia England Italy Sweden Argentina Fiji Mexico Switzerland Belgium Finland New Zealand Uruguay Canada France Norway Chile Germany Peru Cuba Holland Russia
  13. 13. The Surgeons Club
  14. 14. … and is part of the DNA of healthcare! Social Networking is part of Mayo Clinic’s DNA…
  15. 15. !18 Information Sources Behind Preference for Mayo Clinic
  16. 16. Mayo Clinic’s Early Social Media Strategy • Use social media platforms to pitch/facilitate traditional media stories • Engage directly on platforms with largest reach among target audience • Provide vehicles to encourage word-of-mouth • Enable in-depth content sharing with highly targeted and self-selected audiences
  17. 17. !20 Adopting Free Platforms, Low-Cost Tools • 2007 - Facebook • 2008 • YouTube • Twitter • Blogs
  18. 18. !21 Amplifying Word-of-Mouth
  19. 19. !22 What’s the optimal length for web videos?
  20. 20. !23 Cost-Effective Knowledge Sharing and Reputation Enhancement
  21. 21. !24 The Biopsy Version of Social Media Metrics
  22. 22. !25MCF MCA
  23. 23. !26 Other Key Management and Value Metrics • Reach on Facebook and Twitter • Engagements on enterprise posts • Clicks • Total Shares - TMOAM • Social Media Referrals to MayoClinic.org • Appointment requests from social sites, including Mayo Clinic Connect
  24. 24. !27
  25. 25. !28 Our Journey into Live Video
  26. 26. !29
  27. 27. !30
  28. 28. !31
  29. 29. !32
  30. 30. !33 What’s the best way to produce social video?
  31. 31. !34 Video Quality • Level 1: Just the phone • Level 2: Advanced phone (Add lighting, microphone) • Level 3: Computer, software, accessories • Level 4: Dedicated machine (TV quality production) • Level 5: Art
  32. 32. !35 Quick Video Hacks: Lighting
  33. 33. !36 The Rule of Thirds
  34. 34. !37
  35. 35. !38 Planning Your Broadcasts • Consider your topic: • Is it appropriate for the audience? • Is it timely? • Is it a priority for your organization? • Managing your experts’ time • Creating a series
  36. 36. !39
  37. 37. !40 Creating an Outline Example of an outline from our Video Q&As: 1. Introduce yourself 2. Introduce the topic 3. Begin with FAQs, then take questions from audience 4. Closing/Call to action
  38. 38. !41 Live Streaming Software • OBS • Wirecast • Livestream Studio • Apps for mobile devices
  39. 39. !42 OBS Studio • Open Broadcaster Software • Allows use of video (or web) camera for live streaming • Facebook Live, Periscope Publisher, YouTube Live, etc. • Switcher for slides, overlays, sharing desktop, etc. • Free!
  40. 40. !43 Google+ is Dead! Long Live YouTube!
  41. 41. !44 YouTube SEO Best Practices • Prevent duplicate content. • Have a YouTube channel and playlist strategy. • Focus on title and filename. • Write and optimize your video description. • Don’t forget meta tags. • Think customer experience first.
  42. 42. !45 Benefits of a Playlist • Organization • Discoverability • Related Videos • Better Rankings • More Keyword Targeting Opportunities • Increased views of less-watched videos
  43. 43. !46 Refining Mayo Clinic’s Brand
  44. 44. • Unparalleled Expertise • The Right Answers, the First Time • A Compassionate, Human Experience • Innovation to Impact, Faster Social Media Content Audit on Brand Essentials
  45. 45. Content Analysis – Did Not Meet Guidelines
  46. 46. Content Analysis – Did Meet Guidelines
  47. 47. Implications of New Brand Positioning Facebook Clicks Twitter Clicks 30 108 158 866 27 139 52 284 New Brand Old Brand
  48. 48. • Patient stories: Rare diseases; changed diagnoses/answers from Mayo Clinic; patients traveling great distances to be at Mayo Clinic • Mayo Clinic subject experts featured in prominent mainstream media outlets • Mayo Clinic leaders of national and international medical/scientific societies • Translational research and high-impact innovation • Mayo subject expert provides advice that is not yet scientific consensus, but is supported by Mayo research • Quality Awards • Commentary on timely news issues, positioning Mayo expert as authority Content to Increase
  49. 49. • Limit re-posts on Twitter of top-performing content by raising the engagement threshold for second and subsequent re-posts • General health information that lacks particular Mayo perspective • Stock photography • (Eliminate) Posts that give advice or information that a reasonably informed layperson would consider common knowledge Content to Decrease or Eliminate
  50. 50. Brand Implications for Conduct of Social Media
  51. 51. Conduct of Social Media
  52. 52. !55
  53. 53. !56
  54. 54. !57
  55. 55. !58
  56. 56. !59 Social Media Management Systems (SMMS) • Provide governance and security benefits for multiple users managing social media accounts • Examples include Hootsuite, Spredfast, Sprinklr • Mayo Clinic requires all branded social accounts to use our SMMS • Proponents must pay for seat licenses • Analytics, Intervention, Prevention, Content Management
  57. 57. !60 Importance of Advocacy • As social media platforms mature, organic reach for brand pages and accounts declines • Some paid promotion is a practical necessity • Advocacy programs can help overcome organic decline • Health care has extra advocacy opportunities - staff and patients • Staff need guidelines, training and curated news feeds
  58. 58. !61 Mayo Clinic’s Advocacy Implementation
  59. 59. !62
  60. 60. The Surgeons Club for Social Media in Healthcare
  61. 61. #MCSMN Vision, Mission, Strategy: 2010-2018 • The Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (#MCSMN) exists to improve health globally by accelerating effective application of social media tools throughout Mayo Clinic and spurring broader and deeper engagement in social media by hospitals, medical professionals and patients. • Our Mission: Lead the social media revolution in health care, contributing to health and well being for people everywhere. • Make resources developed for Mayo Clinic staff available to peers, and generate revenue to support the effort.
  62. 62. #MCSMN: A Catalyst for Health Care Social Media • Guidelines • Best Practices • Platforms • Training • Consultation
  63. 63. 2019: Refining Strategy • Unchanged Vision and Mission • Maximizing Impact of #MCSMN as a Platform
  64. 64. !67 Establish #MCSMN as the Learning Center for Social Media in Health Care • In 2015, Mayo developed the first online CME-accredited training course in basics of social media for health care. In 2019 we will make this much more widely available. • We will create and curate advanced and special-interest training modules (e.g. MD Reputation Management, Community Management) to go beyond the basics. • We will continue monthly webinars with training, case studies. • Modules, webinars and events will be the core premium offering, with rest of site open to Basic (free) members, including a new directory of #MCSMN thought leader podcasts.
  65. 65. !68 Social for Healthcare Certificate from Mayo Clinic and Hootsuite • Front-line training for Mayo Clinic staff interested in social media applications • Comprehensive in scope but modular for flexible, à la carte use 3.5 AMA PRA Category 1 CreditsTM Available
  66. 66. !69
  67. 67. !70
  68. 68. !71
  69. 69. !72
  70. 70. !73 Mix/Match to Meet Needs, Applications • Communications, Marketing Staff and proponents of broader strategic application: Full Course • Medical Students, Residents, Fellows: Twitter, LinkedIn, Professionalism, Monitoring/Measurement • Physician Staff: Twitter, LinkedIn, Professionalism • Various permutations based on user interests • Just-in-time, right-sized training • No need to economize
  71. 71. !74 Advanced or Special-Interest Learning Modules • Mayo will create some online modules, including • Physician Reputation Management through Social Media • Video Production - Tips for Top Quality on a Budget • Community Management • External members will have opportunities to propose and develop modules, creating value and sharing revenue
  72. 72. !75 Open Discussions to Grow Activity, Influence • The single Discussion group has previously been limited to paid members, which is a barrier to growing conversations. • Opening discussions to Basic (free) members will make MCSMN THE platform for discussing social media in health care. It also will greatly improve SEO for the site. • Social media leaders and advocates start most conversations, leading to a marketing/communications focus. • Adding groups with clinical or research orientations can attract physicians, nurses and scientists.
  73. 73. !76 Focus on Corporate Memberships • Corporate members get training resources for all employees, who get the same access Mayo staff enjoy. • We will develop a toolkit to help Corporate Leaders (key contacts) engage employees in taking advantage of the member resources. • Learning focus makes Corporate membership globally scalable by providing broad value without travel expense. • Open to providing association rates for your members.
  74. 74. !77
  75. 75. !78
  76. 76. !79
  77. 77. !80 And so, when it’s time to find health care social media answers… Your new favorite low-cost tool!