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How can podcasting support student learning

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These slides are an overview of the use of Podcasting in Education. A podcast is an audio file (e.g. a recording of a teacher speaking) made available to students and/or staff for playing on a computer or portable media player. Podcasting can be a great alternative for delivering content or lessons, assist auditory learners and can be a novel way to provide additional material to students, to download and review at any time.

They cover:
1) What is a podcast?
2) Uses for podcasts
3) Benefits of podcasting
4) Best practice tips

The slides will also show some uses for podcasts in the context of teaching and offer tips on best practice in their use.

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How can podcasting support student learning

  1. 1. Using podcasts to support student learning and engagement Presented by Michele Furlong
  2. 2. Overview for today • What is a podcast? • Uses for podcasts • Benefits of podcasting • Best practice tips
  3. 3. • Podcasting is a form of audio broadcasting on the Internet. • It is a combination of the words ‘iPod’ and ‘broadcast’ – hence podcast. • Can be listened to on a portable device such as a phone or tablet/ipad • Or on any computer with basic music software such as Windows Media Player. WHAT IS A PODCAST?
  4. 4. Uses for Podcasts  Welcome Messages  Weekly Announcements to outline topic  Weekly Summaries  Outline assignment requirements  Explain Theories and Concepts  Provide Examples to Enhance Learning  Explanation of Assessment Tasks  Group feedback  Individual feedback – e.g. about an assessment
  5. 5. • Podcasts personalise the learning for online students. • Podcasting provides a way to target auditory learners. • Podcasting can support learning, attention, focus and motivation. • Provides assurance to students that they are on track • Podcasting can reduce educator’s workload by covering common questions. Benefits of Podcasting
  6. 6. Podcasting – Best Practice  Keep your podcasts to a few minutes for general announcements  Perhaps 10-15 minutes for explaining concepts or assessment.  Open with something that is engaging and captures their interest.  Give an outline at the beginning of what you are going to cover.  Use examples to explain/ build on points.  Listen to your own podcasts, fine tune over time.