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Building on the English Australia CPD Framework

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These slides are an overview of the new English Australia CPD Framework, Sophie and Clare have both been involved in the development and consultations about the framework and show the steps involved in using the Framework as well as the theoretical underpinnings.

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Building on the English Australia CPD Framework

  1. 1. Today’s Presenters Sophie O’Keefe Professional Support and Development Officer, English Australia Clare McGrath Acting Director (Operations)/ Teacher Trainer, ATTC Australian TESOL Training Centre (Navitas)
  2. 2. Webinar Overview • Rationale for development • Process of development • Framework assumptions • How to use the Framework • CPD weightings • Incorporating into in-house CPD programs • Future directions • Questions/comments
  3. 3. Why a CPD Framework? • For Australian ELICOS context • An attempt to continue raising the standard of teaching throughout the ELICOS industry • Value? – Supports member colleges and individuals – Teachers/managers don’t always know what’s out there – Expensive to develop an in-house program – Structured delivery of a variety of PD for different teaching phases – A system for teachers to keep track of their PD – Guidelines on the amount of PD to be undertaken annually – PD for casual teachers who may migrate between colleges – Adds to legitimacy of profession
  4. 4. Framework Development • CPD Framework Steering Committee members • State-based member consultation sessions in May/June 2016 • Independent advice from a CPD Framework expert Sarah Bissell Jennifer Coster Dave Fox Clare McGrath ADoS (eLearning)/ DEP Convenor Griffith English Language Institute, Griffith University Associate Director, Learning and Teaching Monash University English Language Centre Training Manager Lexis TESOL Training Centres Acting Director of ATTC (Operations)/ Teacher Trainer Australian TESOL Training Centre (Navitas)
  5. 5. Framework Assumptions • Designed to work in conjunction with in-house CPD Programs • Uses European Profiling Grid and Cambridge English Teaching Framework to define teacher development phases • Designed for qualified ELICOS teachers • Teachers’ development will not be uniform across competencies • Draws on various content such as the Cambridge English Teacher and British Council materials • Framework will be updated and will evolve
  6. 6. How to use the CPD Framework Four easy steps:
  7. 7. Step 1: Teachers' professional development (PD) needs are determined • Self-assessment using the Cambridge English Teacher Development Tracker or undertake a diagnostic assessment using the European Profiling Grid self-assessment tool for teachers • Teachers can request an indication of their specific development areas from their managers • Teachers can use recent observations feedback to inform their choices
  8. 8. Needs self-assessment
  9. 9. Needs self-assessment
  10. 10. Excerpt from Framework Grid
  11. 11. CPD Weightings Framework activities are assigned points Suggested points guidelines
  12. 12. Step 3: Teachers undertake & record PD activities
  13. 13. Step 4: Reflect, discuss, experiment, share …
  14. 14. Building into CPD – example 1 • Teacher/group of teachers attend a workshop or PD event →Meet to discuss topics →Conduct peer observations on topic →Teachers lead workshop for colleagues
  15. 15. Building into CPD – example 2 • Teacher/group of teachers choose a webinar →Read articles/discuss topic before webinar →Attend webinar and join discussion on English Australia blog →Hold own discussion group on the topic →Developmental observation by Academic Manager
  16. 16. Future possibilities • Framework Grid regularly updated • English Australia blog for webinar/workshop discussion • Record Template housed on EA portal for ease of use & storage • Attendance Statements for recorded webinars • Other frameworks – management, student services etc. Visit our website englishaustralia.com.au/page.php?id=527
  17. 17. Questions & Comments 18