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Leandro Pucci Resume_07_16

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Leandro Pucci Resume_07_16

  1. 1. LEANDRO PUCCI, MS West Hollywood, CA | (323) 719-2983 | lmpucci@gmail.com INTEGRATIVE NUTRITION SPECIALIST Passionate and intuitive Nutrition Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer with experience assisting individuals to realize and achieve their personal physical and mental potential and abilities. Health and nutrition advocate with a passion for raising awareness about food education and how to use food as medicine to restore the body to its optimal state. Ø Advocates for Healthy Change by promoting awareness, behavior and habit change that allows people to connect with their bodies using specific exercises, flexibility programming, and healthy food structures to promote health. Ø Innovative Program Development for clients via phone, skype, or in person. Provides personalized integrative nutrition interventions to empower individuals to move towards a healthy Body, Mind, and Spirit. Ø Certified Personal Trainer with an ability to influence and assist clients to break unhealthy habits and embrace a healthy and fit lifestyle. Uses exercise as a form of meditation and expression to achieve a goal. EDUCATION, CERTIFICATIONS & MEMBERSHIPS Candidate CSCS Certification, June 2016 FITNESS LEADERSHIP PROGRAM, UCLA Master of Science in Integrative Nutrition, August 2016 MARYLAND UNIVERSITY OF INTEGRATIVE HEALTH (MUIH) CNS Certification, November 2016 MARYLAND UNIVERSITY OF INTEGRATIVE HEALTH (MUIH) Personal Trainer Certification (ACSM), 2013 CPR/AED Red Cross Certified, Los Angeles, CA, 2012 B.S. in Visual Effects & Motion Graphics, 2010 THE ART INSTITUTE OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES B.S. in Interactive Media Design, 2004 THE ART INSTITUTE OF CALIFORNIA, LOS ANGELES Member, The American College of Nutrition Member, National Association of Nutrition Professionals Member, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Maryland University of Integrative Health (MUIH) | Laurel, MD January 2016 – August 2016 CLINICAL NUTRITION INTERN Successful facilitated individually tailored client nutrition and fitness assessments, education intervention, monitoring and evaluation. Assisted with intakes and evaluations. Fulfilled 1,000 supervised hours required for Board of Clinical Nutrition Specialist Certification. Leandro Pucci NutriFit | Los Angeles, CA 2012 – Present NUTRITION SPECIALIST, PERSONAL TRAINING COACHING Advanced Nutrition Specialist specializing in science-based medical nutrition therapy, research, and education to treat and prevent chronic disease in clients. My practice incorporates physical training, nutrition, and integrative medicine that helps clients heal and restore optimal health by making nutrition the core focus in assessing and treating health conditions. • Counsels clients on behavior change in order to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. • Provides program development, instruction and demonstration, supervised exercise sessions, and client reviews. • Individually tailors recommendations to each client and their specific health, nutrition, and fitness needs. Leandro Pucci Design | Los Angeles, CA 2008 – 2012 FREELANCE VISUAL EFFECTS SUPERVISOR/ARTIST Contract Visual Effects Designer and Supervisor for prestigious studios specializing in Visual Effects for film and television. • Contracted to create visual effects for large-scale feature films and commercials at high-end studios in Los Angeles. • Managed highly technical teams and artists while meeting important deadlines and exceeding expectations. Mark Lewison Design | Los Angeles, CA 2008 – 2012 BUSINESS MANAGER | DESIGN DIRECTOR Managed marketing development and general management of large scale interior design firm. • Created and developed strategic branding, interactive graphic designs, animations, and visual effects for Interior Design apps marketing on Apple iTunes.