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  1. Sportsmanship Case Study Leah Coffey
  2. Sportsmanship Sportsmanship is treating every player and team with the same respect you want to be given, the golden rule. Cheating, faking and injury, or intentionally fouling is disgraceful to the sport. If you don’t want another team doing it to you, then you shouldn’t be doing it to the other team. Sportsmanship is respecting your opponents and maintain poise and perspective of the game itself.
  3. Ethics and Owners Coaches and owners have a responsibility to put forth their best foot and make sure their teams and players are doing the same. They have to be ready to take action and responsibility if something goes wrong as well as set examples for not only their own players but for the little kids all over watching them.
  4. Ethics and Owners An example of coaches and owners is the Boston Red Sox. They have supported the Jimmy Fund, which raises money to fight cancer. While supporting the fund, in a way to bring awareness to the cause they have a Jimmy Fund Captain They find time to help no matter their schedules. They use their popularity and audience to help a cause that affects thousands of people every year. In addition to raising awareness they have also presented awards yearly to others who have been fighting alongside them. These awards promotes sportsmanship and good conduct by encouraging others to help and fight the cause with them.
  5. Health and Safety Health and safety in sports is extremely important. Sports have lots of physical contact and if players aren’t careful and respectful someone can seriously get hurt. There are games where players are getting chippy and mad, and everyone watching knows that it could turn bad at any second. In games like that, you can always catch someone saying “someone is going to get hurt”. If players can’t respectfully play, they shouldn’t be in the game. Playing sports is a responsibility that the players have to take on. They cannot just go out without thinking, they have to be careful while also playing their best.
  6. Health and Safety Steroids are a huge issue in professional sports. Athletes take them to become the best version of themselves, even if it is inhumane and unethical.Athletes think that by taking steroids, they can get an advantage over their opponents. They are not wrong but it doesn’t come without dangers. Steroids cause athletes to be able to do tasks that a human should be able to do. Steroids messes with your hormones and body regulations. It can cause physiological and emotional damage to the athlete, as well as even been seen as a cause for liver damage. Steroids hurt both the integrity of the game and the athlete themselves.
  7. Athletes and Community Professional athletes have a responsibility to their fans and community. They need to make sure they set good examples because people all over, even young kids are watching. They are allowed to make mistakes, but what they do after is what matters. Not everyone is perfect so it would be unfair to put a perfect standard on professional athletes. They need to realize that the community, especially younger kids, look up to them. They can’t play unfairly, cheat, or act rudely to opponents because they will always have eyes on them and people who follow them. If kids see their favorite players being unsportsmanlike, they will think it’s okay to do the same.
  8. Athletes and Community Athletes also need to understand their own position. Being in professional sports especially means they have the power and most likely the wealth to do good. They need to use their platform for the greater good of the community. With their popularity they can make a positive impact on the communities, whether that’s just promoting a positive message or bringing awareness to a cause.
  9. Fan Behavior Being a professional athlete or even a high school athlete comes with a lot of responsibility, but fans have a responsibility as well. Fans need to be able to cheer on their team while also being respectful to the other team. Fans need to watch what they say and do because it could hurt someone on the other team. You never know what someone is going through, so if you are constantly harassing someone from the other team to be “funny” it could be doing a lot of damage to that person, even if it doesn’t look like it. Fans can heckle a little but they can’t cross the line in a way that could hurt another person.
  10. Conclusion The future in sports should be used as entertainment, while also progressing in sportsmanship. As the years go on, there is more and more problems with the society and our earth. Athletes need to be able to stick together, no matter what team, in order to bring good to the communities and promote positive messages. They need to be able to treat each other respectfully while they play and when they aren’t in order to set good examples for young kids watching. This generation is a generation where social media and television is evident so more and more people can watch games that in past generations they might not have had the option to. More people are watching, which puts an even bigger responsibility on these athletes to set good examples.
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