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5 tips for user research ppt

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The slides from my O'Reilly Webcast on 8/28.

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5 tips for user research ppt

  1. 1. @lauraklein Essential Tips for Lean User Research
  2. 2. @lauraklein Who is this for?
  3. 3. @lauraklein This Is For • Entrepreneurs • Founders • Engineers • Product Managers • (Some) Designers
  4. 4. @lauraklein Don't Just Sit There
  5. 5. @lauraklein Tip #1: Know What You're Testing
  6. 6. @lauraklein First An Exercise Write down the top thing you'd like to learn about your product or market you want to test. Go on. I'll wait.
  7. 7. @lauraklein Are You Asking... ...what or why? ...about your user or your product?
  8. 8. @lauraklein Why Should You Care? The type of question you ask determines the type of research you should do. What == Quantitative Why == Qualitative User == Ethnography Product == Usability
  9. 9. @lauraklein Tip #2: Know Who You're Testing
  10. 10. @lauraklein Hey Look, An Exercise! Write down a quick description of who you're building your product for.
  11. 11. @lauraklein Did You Write "Myself"? If you did, I hope you're independently wealthy or that you have a lot of clones.
  12. 12. @lauraklein Pro Tip You are not looking for "moms". *also, not "pet owners", "doctors", or "salespeople".
  13. 13. @lauraklein Be Specific "The person using my product owns more than one electronic device on which she has tried to view documents for work. She finds this difficult & frustrating."
  14. 14. @lauraklein But How Do You Find Them? Friends of Friends Social Networks Professional Recruiters Blogs & Forums Appropriate Physical Locations Email Lists
  15. 15. @lauraklein Why Should You Care? If you don't know who you should be testing, you don't know who you're building your product for.
  16. 16. @lauraklein Tip #3: Know Which Corners To Cut
  17. 17. @lauraklein Need Some Exercise? Quick, write down as many different types of user research you can think of that take under an hour of your time.
  18. 18. @lauraklein Less Than 1 Hour • Remote Usability with UserTesting.com • Landing Page Test with Unbounce • Google AdWords Test (provided you have an account) • Remote Observational Session with a Current Customer
  19. 19. @lauraklein Less Than 15 Minutes • Five Second Test • Click Test • Friends & Family Usability Test • Guerrilla or Hallway Usability Test
  20. 20. @lauraklein Why Should You Care? Not all research is this fast, but if you can answer a question in 15 minutes, you have no reason for not testing.
  21. 21. @lauraklein Tip #4: Know What To Do With The Results
  22. 22. @lauraklein Yet Another Exercise I want you to write down what you typically do after a user research session.
  23. 23. @lauraklein Ok, here's what you could be doing
  24. 24. @lauraklein Gather Observations Have the moderator and observers write down 5 key observations or problems they observed.
  25. 25. @lauraklein Sort Them By Metric Revenue Retention Activation
  26. 26. @lauraklein Stack Rank Them Put them in order of estimated importance. Hang on to these stickies, because you'll iterate after every session.
  27. 27. @lauraklein Other Methods 1. Debrief after every session 2. Capture the info in a persistent way 3. Determine the most important lessons 4. ACT ON THEM
  28. 28. @lauraklein Why Should You Care? Having a familiar way of aggregating data after any individual test helps you understand the bigger picture being created by your research.
  29. 29. @lauraklein Tip #5: Know The Unanswerable Questions
  30. 30. @lauraklein Last Exercise! Write down a question you've asked in research that users couldn't answer.
  31. 31. @lauraklein Was It One Of These? • Would you buy this? • How much would you pay? • How would you design it differently? • What new feature would you like most?
  32. 32. @lauraklein Answerable Questions • How else have you tried to solve this problem? • How have you found similar products in the past? • Walk me through exactly what happened the last time you used this product.
  33. 33. @lauraklein Why Should You Care? Unanswerable questions make you think you know something. But you don’t!
  34. 34. @lauraklein More Questions? You know where to find me... laura@usersknow.com http://www.usersknow.com UX for Lean Startups