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Proposal - Clean Water Pilot Alliance (CWPA)

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Proposal - Clean Water Pilot Alliance (CWPA)

  1. 1. CLEAN WATER PILOT ALLIANCE (CWPA) Response to the United Nations (UN) and U.S. Government (USG) Call for Solutions in the framework of Water Security Initiatives Author: Laura Gagliardone
  2. 2. CLEAN WATER PILOT ALLIANCE (CWPA) Author: Laura Gagliardone CONCEPT PAPER Title of Proposed Alliance The Clean Water Pilot Alliance (CWPA): a sustainable and affordable model linking water security to humanitarian assistance, religion, and energy to advance innovation in Africa and the Middle East. Overall goal of Alliance The overall goal of the proposed alliance is to ensure water security and clean energy in Africa and the Middle East (to be continued). Also, the alliance will foster innovation through components, such as: (1) Clean Water Bank; (2) Clean Water Youth; and (3) Clean Water School (to be continued). Development Problem Africa and the Middle East control 70 percent of the world's known oil reserves but have less than 1.5% of the world’s renewable freshwater resources. Increasing demands on a limited, contested natural supply of fresh water, combined with changing climate, migration, and population growth stress the dwindling supply, exacerbating tensions within communities and countries. To mitigate the conflict and meet the basic human needs for water, a different path to water resources conservation, management and use must be pursued. New transformational approaches to water-related challenges that engage communities, promote local solutions, and include citizen-focused education must be identified and rapidly brought to scale, zeroing in on water conservation, productivity, storage, supply and reuse. Objectives of Alliance The CWPA will accelerate innovations to lead improved water supply and use and clean energy access through pursuing the following objectives: 1. Water Efficiency and Reduction of Water Waste; 2. Water Capture and Storage; 3. Water Productivity; 4. Clean Energy and Storage; 5. Dissemination, Adoption and Scaling. (To be continued)