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Richard Branson
and Life
You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and
by falling over, and it’s because you fall over that y...
“The best lesson
I learned was to
just do it.”
TIP 1. Yes, You Can Do It!
“Life is a helluva lot
more fun if you say
yes rather than no.”
The staff at Virgin have a name for
Branson and it is “Dr. Yes.”
In the book, Screw it, Let’s
do it:
“I don’t believe that that
little word ‘can’t’ should
stop you.”
His strategy and motto in life :
“screw it, let’s do it!”
“If you don’t have the right
experience to reach your goal,
look for another way in. Keep
your eyes open. Look and
learn. ...
“I think because I have great difficulty saying the word,
‘no,’ almost every day’s a different adventure.”
TIP 1 Recap:
Yes, You Can Do It!
1. Are you saying no more than
you are saying yes to things.
2. Are you allowing the word...
“I just Love learning. I am
incredibly inquisitive. I love
taking on the status quo and
trying to turn it upside
down.”- T...
“I have seen life is one long learning
process.”- TED talk: Life at 30,000 feet
Life is One Long Learning Process
1. Learn something new
2. Be curious and ask questions
about thin...
Tip 3. Make Your Life a Fun and
Creative Adventure
“You only live once, and I
just don’t want to waste
a minute of my life...
“There is no greater thing you can do with
your life and your work than follow your
passions – in a way that serves the wo...
Branson tells a story when he was going to go around
the world in a hot air balloon in 1997. The trip was
considered very ...
Branson’s life philosophy:
Do not waste any time,
have a lot of fun and
love your family...
Tip 3 RECAP.
Make Your Life a Fun and Creative Adventure
1. Are you having fun in your
2. Combine your unique skills...
“We have a lot of fun and I think the
people who work for it enjoy it. We
go in and shake up a lot of
industries. We do it...
An inspiring story about making work fun comes from
Branson’s part vacation and fun and part work trip to
Jamaica in 1977....
Since Jamaican musicians did not take checks, he had
to sign them up with a case full of cash and went on to
sell many rec...
“Throwing yourself into a job
you enjoy is one of the life’s
greatest pleasures!” ―
Business Stripped Bare:
Adventures of ...
Tip 4 RECAP.
Work as Play: Make Your Work and Workplace Fun and Exciting!
1. Infuse funand excitement into
2. Do not...
Tip 5. Opportunities Are
“Have Fun, Work hard and
money will come. Don’t waste
time-grab your chances. Have
a p...
In 1977, on the way to Puerto Rico from
the Virgin Islands, Branson’s flight got
He saw that people were looking...
“No one was doing anything. So I did-
someone had to.”
“I chartered a plane for $2000. I divided
that by the number of peo...
And thus was born the idea for an
airline...in the middle of a holiday!
Tip 5 Recap.
Opportunities Are Everywhere
1. Great opportunities are
2. Look for opportunities and when
you fi...
Tip 6. Engage Your Creative Talents
“A business has to be
involving, it has to be fun,
and it has to exercise your
“If you are trying to grow a diverse, creative team, you
don’t need to bring your employees to the Caribbean to
keep them ...
“Watch a few of the many incredible TED talks online.
Remember, one of the best ways to learn is by taking
your team membe...
1. Make sure that you and your team
are stretchingbeyond the
comfort zone.
2. Do something newand embrace
novel ideas that...
Tip 7: Connecting With and
Inspiring Other People
“I learnt early on that If you can
run one company. You can really
run a...
“ If you treat people well, people will come back for
more. All you have in life is your reputation and it is a
very small...
“I actually think that the best way of becoming a
successful business leader is dealing with people fairly
and well and li...
“There’s a reason why I avoid boardrooms. I’d rather
spend time with people ‘in the field,’ where eye contact,
genuine con...
1. Connect, upliftand inspire
the people in your work and at
2. Interact with others like they
really matterand atte...
“When you’re first
thinking through an idea,
it is important not to get
bogged down in complexity.
Thinking simply and cle...
In a recent interview with
Forbes magazine: “If something
can’t be explained off the back
of an envelope, it’s rubbish.”
Branson does not care for long and uninteresting
Instead, he prefers short and simple pitches and
also the ...
Action Tips:
Keep your plans and goals simpleand
in ready focus.
Try meeting outdoors and/or go for
short and simple pitch...
Tip 9: Every Small Detail Matters and
Makes Up The Entire Experience
“Sometimes a small detail,
such as more transparent
Branson gives the example of Innocent:
the British Smoothie company
In a recent article written by him in the Entrepreneur...
The company’s big picture: Provide
healthy smoothies to everyone in a fun way
and while making the planet a little better....
The company also prides itself for
checking even the tiniest details like the
lids on their bottles.
The lids list the “en...
Branson carries a notebook with him at
all times to jot down ideas and
conversations with customers and with
“If you’re running an airline, restaurant, or any
other company, it’s attention to detail that
defines great delivery.”
Attend to the small details
because it is the details that make up
the big picture.
Keep a small notebook or a digital
“I was dyslexic. I had no understanding
of school work whatsoever. I certainly
would have failed IQ tests. It is one of
In a recent article by him in the Entrepreneur magazine :
Branson says that the three attributes that can make a real
In a recent article by him in the Entrepreneur magazine :
“Few first ventures work out. It is how a beginning
Branson tells the story of Dylan Jonsson who is a
chef and started his own restaurant that ended
up failing due to poor pl...
This quality of finding a winning idea within despair and
failure and developing a skill and idea that can repurposed
and ...
"I will work day and night to
avoid failure, but if I can't, I'll
pick myself up the next day.
The most important thing fo...
1. Develop the habit of managing and learning
from failure.
2. Focus on learning new skills and even if a
venture fails, y...
“My interest in life comes
from setting myself huge
apparently unachievable
challenges and trying to rise
above them.”
When Branson was four or five, while on a vacation to
the county of Devon in England, his Aunt Joyce bet him 10
shillings ...
In an interview to Inc magazine:
"Unless you dream, you're not going to achieve anything."
After the huge success of Virgin Atlantic, Branson
dreamed of offering flights into space and Virgin
Galactic will do just ...
1. Live life like it is a daring adventure.
2. You need to have big dreams and
then take the actions towards it to
make it...
THANK YOU for being such an inspiration!
All Quotes in this presentation from
Richard Branson!
1.  Yes, You Can Do It!
2. Life is One Long Learning Process.
3. Make Your Life a Fun and Creative Adventure.
4. W...
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Tip 5. Opportunities Are Everywhere 10 tips on Business and Life from Richard Branson

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Tip 5. Opportunities Are
“Have Fun, Work hard and
money will come. Don’t waste
time-grab your chances. Have
a positive outlook on life.
When it’s not fun, Move on.” -
Screw it, Let’s Do it.’

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