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Google Analytics for charities

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Slides from November 2017 webinar with Jason King. In this webinar, we take an overview of Google Analytics, a free tool that provides a wealth of data that you can use to evaluate your success online, and help you make decisions to improve the reach of your website. This webinar is for any non-profit worker with responsibility for their charity’s website.

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Google Analytics for charities

  1. 1. Google Ad Grants for Charities Google Analytics for Charities
  2. 2. Webinar Presenters Miles Maier @LasaTech Jason King @jasoncsking This webinar is supported by the City of London Corporation's charity, City Bridge Trust. Supported by:
  3. 3. About Lasa • Tech advice, webinars, tech-checks, consultancy http://lasa.org.uk/lasatech and @LasaTech Upcoming webinars 06 Dec – Facebook for charities @goreckidawn http://lasa.org.uk/webinars
  4. 4. Webinar Tips • Ask questions Post questions via question box or raise your virtual hand • Interact Respond to polls during webinar • Focus Avoid multitasking. You may just miss the best part of the presentation • Webinar PowerPoint & Recording PowerPoint and recording links will be shared after the webinar
  5. 5. Agenda • Overview of Google Analytics - what does the data mean and how can it help us improve the reach of our website? • How successfully does your charity's website reach its intended audience? • How well are you engaging with people online? • How can you tell where your website's visitors are coming from or if they're viewing your website on a mobile device? Where to go for help and support?
  6. 6. About Jason King • Freelancer who maintains charities' WordPress websites and manages their Google Ad Grant • Clients from the welfare rights, health and law sector in UK, USA and Australia. Twitter: @jasoncsking Web: www.kingjason.co.uk
  7. 7. GOOGLE ANALYTICS Lasa webinar Presented by Jason King 22 November 2017 WWW.KINGJASON.CO.UK @JASONCSKING
  8. 8. Lives in France, works with charities in the UK, USA and Australia Google Ad Grant management Social media training WordPress website support Co-organiser of NTEN's WordPress Community Ex-librarian JASON KING WWW.KINGJASON.CO.UK @JASONCSKING
  9. 9. DATA SHOULD DRIVE DECISION MAKING Why guess what works on your website when you can know? WWW.KINGJASON.CO.UK @JASONCSKING
  10. 10. A free tool that you connect to your website. It tracks who visits your website, where they are located, what pages they look at, and what actions they take whilst on your website. Data that helps you improve your website and get more visitors. WHAT IS GOOGLE ANALYTICS? WWW.KINGJASON.CO.UK @JASONCSKING
  11. 11. 1. Sign up for a free account at analytics.google.com 2. Add your website's address 3. Configure the settings to match your needs 4. Put the tracking code provided, on your website 5. Login regularly to Google Analytics to check your statistics 6. Base website decisions on what you learn SET UP GOOGLE ANALYTICS WWW.KINGJASON.CO.UK @JASONCSKING
  12. 12. Account settings - tick Benchmarking to be able to share and compare your analytics anonymously with other organisations. User management - invite staff you want to have access to your account and stats for any websites within it. Only give them the least permissions they need. ADMIN SETTINGS: ACCOUNT LEVEL
  13. 13. Select whichever industry category you think most suitable for your charity. Necessary for benchmarking. For the default url check whether your website address begins HTTPS or HTTP. Enable demographics and interest reports - tick this to get anonymous data on the sex, age and interests of visitors. User management - you can allow users access to just one or more site's stats, if you have multiple websites in one account. ADMIN SETTINGS: PROPERTY LEVEL
  14. 14. If you have a Google Adwords account (for example if you have a Google Grant) then link it to your Google Analytics account. If you have a Google Search Console account (and if not, set one up) you should link it too, but that option is hidden behind the link that says "All Products". Tracking info - get the code to go on your website to make the magic happen. SETTINGS: PROPERTY LEVEL
  15. 15. Bot filtering - tick to Exclude all hits from known bots and spiders. This will get rid of some but not all of the junk visits that all websites get. Site search tracking - if your website has a search form, tick this. Then in the query parameter box, you need to type something. If your site uses WordPress simply type S. Otherwise, ask your website developer what to type. Goals - we'll come back to this later, it's important! ADMIN SETTINGS: VIEW LEVEL
  16. 16. Once you've added your website and configured the settings, you need to insert the tracking code on your site. If you use WordPress, this plugin makes  it easy:  wordpress.org/plugins/google-analytics-dashboard-for-wp If your website uses a different CMS, there may a simple way to do it. Or you will have to edit the code behind your website. Either way, ask your website developer. THE TRACKING CODE WWW.KINGJASON.CO.UK @JASONCSKING
  19. 19. PARDON MY JARGON USER = a best-guess of an anonymous individual visitor. Not necessarily a real person, or several users could actually be the same person on different devices/browsers. SESSION = a single period of activity on your website. If someone is inactive for 30 mins, another session starts. PAGE VIEW = when a single website page is viewed. Doesn't mean they actually read it. BOUNCE RATE = percentage of people who land on your website but look at no further pages. Whether it's a good or bad thing depends on the purpose of your pages, but a high bounce rate means they aren't interested in anything else.
  20. 20. DEMOGRAPHICS This charity needs to prove to sponsors that their website reaches women of childbearing age. Job done.
  21. 21. BENCHMARKING How do your charity's stats compare to websites in similar fields? Find out whether you do as well for referrals, organic search, paid search and social clicks. Also, check out the M+R Annual Benchmarks Study
  23. 23. ACQUISITION OVERVIEW Find out which sources of website traffic currently work best for you, and which you need to improve. You can drill down and find out whether Facebook or Twitter send you the most interactive visitors i.e. the ones who produce the most conversions.
  25. 25. PAGE CONTENT Findoutwhich pagespeoplevisitmost,soyoucanconcentrateon improvingthem.Also,whichpagestheyvisitleastsoyoucan remove,improveormakethemmoreprominent.Ifno-onereadsyour oldnewsoryourhistoryofourcharitypage, why keep them?
  26. 26. SPEED SUGGESTIONS Findout howfastyourmostpopularpagesload,andwhichare slowest.Gettechnicalsuggestionsforspeedingthemup.Aslow websitemeanslosttraffic.
  27. 27. EVENTS - by category Whatactionsdopeopletakeonyourwebsite?Howoftendothey downloaddocuments?Clickanemaillink?Orvisitalinktoanexternal website.
  28. 28. EVENTS - by label Isyourdonationfacility onanexternalwebsite?Whenpeopleclickto visititfromalinkonyourwebsite,that'srecordedasanevent.You canchoosewhichoftheseeventsyouwanttotrackasgoals.
  30. 30. STEP 1: DEFINE YOUR GOALS Submits a volunteering interest online form Subscribes to email newsletter Makes a donation Exits your website to visit a donation page Sends you an email Views multiple pages What actions do you anticipate users will take on your website? This data will help you know whether your website succeeds in engaging visitors. For example, a goal could be when a user:
  31. 31. STEP 2: CREATE GOALS
  33. 33. ADWORDS & ANALYTICS Link your Adwords and Analytics accounts Import your Analytics goals into Adwords Track your Adwords stats from within the Acquisition menu in Analytics Does your charity have a Google Ad Grant? If so, the advice below is for you. If not, find out why you should get $10,000 per month worth of free online advertising  by watching Lasa's webinar at goo.gl/QixQJw
  34. 34. OTHER ANALYTICS Twitter Analytics Facebook Insights Email newsletter opens and clicks Googel Analytics will give you data to help you make decisions about your website. But there are other stats you should be aware of too.
  35. 35. OFFICIAL GOOGLE ANALYTICS FORUM GOOGLE FOR NONPROFITS SUMMIT 2017 Get advice, for all levels of users. goo.gl/A6b2VV Analytics presentation starts page 144. goo.gl/bNggSD CHARITY IT ASSOCIATION Volunteers help charities  with tech. charityithelp.org.uk Forums for Data, WordPress, Women in Nonprofit Tech, Drupal, Tech Decision Makers, and digital advertising. community.nten.org NTEN ONLINE COMMUNITIES
  36. 36. KINGJASON.CO.UK Monthly Google Ad Grant management Online training sessions Google Analytics reviews  Website audits WordPress website support and maintenance WWW.KINGJASON.CO.UK @JASONCSKING
  37. 37. Useful Resources Google Analytics Academy https://analytics.google.com/analytics/academy/ Analytics Resources https://www.google.com/analytics/resources/ The Complete Beginner’s Guide: Google Analytics & WordPress https://www.monsterinsights.com/the-complete- beginners-guide-to-google-analytics-for-wordpress/
  38. 38. About Lasa • Tech advice, webinars, tech-checks, consultancy http://lasa.org.uk/lasatech and @LasaTech Upcoming webinars 06 Dec – Facebook for charities @goreckidawn http://lasa.org.uk/webinars
  39. 39. Google Ad Grants for Charities Google Analytics for Charities