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Nordic Africa Impact Forum 2020 - Save the date

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Sweden 2020 will gather the best of the Nordics, Africa, and the Baltic region.

Welcome to Nordic African Impact Forum, together we will be Prototyping the FUTURE.

Our focus will be on Local/regional development, Women and CleanTech.

Sustainability, Digitalisation, and leadership is key and cover all activities.

The establishment of the strategic triangle of possibilities will hit the agenda with the finest of Political and Business leaders, Royals, Women, Youth and with the largest assembly of Investors, innovators and many more.

NAIF 2020 will catapult a Green highway to Africa with Nordics-Go- Socap in 3 African Cities leading up to the Forum in Sept.

Sweden 2020 will be Creating space for the private sector and covers comprehensively the areas of Sustainability and the environment, women’s role, economic growth and securing the gains through peace and security.

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Nordic Africa Impact Forum 2020 - Save the date

  1. 1. Welcome to the in Stockholm FUTURETogether we will be prototyping the With Focus on Local development, Women, CleanTech Save the date! September26-27 2017 www.nordicafricaimpactforum.org