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All you need to know about Swedish CleanTech!!

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"Boost" your "Smart Cleantech" awareness & knowledge!
Learn and Be Inspired in an 1-hour live Skype workshop including all you want and need to know about the best "Green innovative Solutions from Sweden"

More info web http://www.cleantechregion.com/smartcleantech.html

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All you need to know about Swedish CleanTech!!

  1. 1. *Smart CleanTech Boost!
  2. 2. ”Smart CleanTech & Green Solutions from Sweden” *Smart CleanTech Boost! "Boost" your "Smart Cleantech" knowledge about; 1-hour live Skype workshop 1 package Green Solutions Included in workshop! Book now! Questions? 10 min free consulting on link below http://smartcleantech.tumblr.com/submit http://smartcleantech.tumblr.com/ask
  3. 3. ”All you want to know about Swedish Green Solutions” *Smart CleanTech Boost! 1 hour Boost workshop live via Skype! For €395 You will get! 1. package of Green Solutions from Sweden magazines all 5 volumes. ! 30 copies in total to use internally and externally during events, exhibition, showcases, sharing inspiring ideas about Swedish innovative Green Solutions and access online. You will learn
  4. 4. ”All you want to know about Swedish Green Solutions” *Smart CleanTech Boost! 1. Swedish CleanTech, Background, history! Facts & Content You will learn about! 2. Why Swedish CleanTech? 3. Global Market & Demand? 4. Trends i.e. Smart Sustainable Cities! 5. Swedish CleanTech Potential! 6. Why worlds biggest business opportunity?
  5. 5. Why & background? *Smart CleanTech Boost! Better awareness and knowledge! Why world biggest business opportunity? Where the new jobs will come? Toolbox for better decisions! Why Smart Cities? Why Sweden is competitive? All other questions you have?
  6. 6. Why should you book - background? *Smart CleanTech Boost! CleanTech Regions CEO & founder Lars Ling will guide you! Extensive knowledge in the business and global market! www.about.me/larslingwww.cleantechregion.com http://issuu.com/cleantechregion/docs/green_solutions_singlepage_vol.5_20 https://vimeo.com/larsling http://smartcleantech.tumblr.com
  7. 7. Book your Inspiration workshop today! *Smart CleanTech Boost! The Investment for the workshop is €395 includes the 1-hour Skype workshop and the start-up package Green Solutions magazines. Payment terms pre-payment via pay-pal Green Solutions magazine package, allow about 5-10 days shipping time. Order here: Questions and info: lars.ling@cleantechregion.com +46 72 740 66 06Call http://smartcleantech.tumblr.com/ask