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CleanTech solutions to Silicon Valley - Interview with Sheridan Tatsuno Trunorth Global

Sheridan is a long-time Silicon Valley market researcher, breakthrough strategist and serial entrepreneur who has advised over 700 global tech companies and co-launched 8 startup companies since 1983. His recent interview recording on developing breakthrough strategies is available: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/kurtsteelelive/2013/06/28/inventing-your-global-future

His 8th startup, TruNorthGlobal.com, is gaining traction for its Training-as-a-Service platform that enables enterprises to securely manage training content, access digital files in seconds, and reduce online piracy.

With Dreamscape Global, he provides market research and strategy planning that has led to major breakthroughs, including "Intel Inside" (1992), Nokia's global launch (1994), AMD Japan's sales-doubling (1996), and AMD's sub-$1000 PC breakthrough (1997). Born and raised in Silicon Valley, he has developed a sixth sense through 35 years of professional experience in identifying and leveraging new business opportunities.

His new e-book: "In the Valley of Digital Dreams", http://bit.ly/QUtk3k

Blog: http://svgnetwork.com


Screenwriter: co-producing 15th screenplay, "Tiger Ladies",http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Tiger-Ladies/235386729849664

Authored 2 books made into TV documentaries:

"The Technopolis Strategy" (Prentice Hall, 1986) produced as "Japan Dreaming" by Central Independent Television plc, London, 1991.

"Created in Japan" (HarperCollins, 1990) used for Kyoto scenes in "The Creative Spirit," a 4-hour PBS series, 1992.

Adviser to Steven Okazaki, who won the Best PBS Documentary (1980) for "Survivors" about A-bomb survivors in California.


Yale University, B.A., political science/urban studies, 1972

Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Masters of Regional & City Planning, 1977

Specialties: breakthrough strategies, market research, business plans, serial entrepreneur, screenwriting, filmmaking

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