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Lara Mielcarek

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Lara Mielcarek

  1. 1. LARA MIELCAREK 1439 Olivewood Ave., Lakewood, OH 44107|(C)347-228-6907| Laralynvera@Gmail.com PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY Active seeker of opportunities that inspire me and utilize my cultivated interpersonal and communication skills garnered from a lifetime of experience dedicated to the fierce pursuit of worth, self-awareness and empathy toward others. SKILLS Innovative and energetic problem solving, with strengths for collaboration, team building, and conflict management Adaptable, talented public speaker MS Excel proficiency History of community outreach, volunteer work Enthusiastic and inclusive participant in group and individual planning, presentation, analysis, and critique in both artistic and educational settings Networking and Social Media Excellent written and verbal communication, skilled editor Experience A.R.C. (Artist Reintegration Coalition), Director, 2016-present Creation and development of a brand-new volunteer program for Shakespeare Behind Bars in the women’s rehabilitation center, NERC, after volunteering for two years at Grafton Correctional through the established program, ODAG. Presently seeking not-for-profit status and learning grant-writing Cleveland State University, Adjunct Professor, 2013-present Creation of syllabi and teaching various courses Coaching, critiquing, and mentoring students in acting and presentation assignments Directed Student Workshop Production, Almost Maine, Fall 2015 Velvet Tango Room, Lead Bartender, 2013-present Personal features in Washington Post and Crane’s Magazine as well as presentation for the television show, “Pizza Masters”. Provide the utmost in technical skill at a nationally acclaimed cocktail/jazz bar, while administering an outstanding customer experience and developing long-term rapport with guests. Manage multiple points of contact with parties and coordinate with staff to produce organized, and seamless events of varying sizes Pennsylvania State University, Assistant to Head of BFA Musical Theatre, 2008 Utilized Excel Database to organize information belonging to auditioning freshman. Created and maintained filing system for returning and new students. Ran all aspects of intense audition process. EDUCATION Master of Fine Arts, Penn State University Summa Cum Laude, 2010 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Kent State University 2003