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OER In practice - Wikiwijs: from top down to bottom

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OER In practice - Wikiwijs: from top down to bottom
Darco Jansen

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OER In practice - Wikiwijs: from top down to bottom

  1. 1. Wikiwijs: from top down to bottom up The role of quality, teacher-communities and complete courses Darco Jansen LangOER, 26 September
  2. 2. CPL http://bookshop.europa.eu/en/the-changing-pedagogical-landscape-pbNC0415435/
  4. 4. What is Wikiwijs • Program 2009-2013 - Initiated by Dutch Ministry • Realized by Kennisnet & OUNL - Total budget €8M Main Goals • Mainstreaming use of OER in education • Thereby: • Enhance quality, • Improve efficiency and • Contribute to accessibility of education •Threefold government responsibility Darco Jansen
  5. 5. Implementation Wikiwijs • Platform • Create – Share – Find • Professionalization of teachers • Open and closed learning materials • Community-based • More general: enhance awareness for OER Darco Jansen
  6. 6. State of affairs ultimo 2013 •~10,000 active user profiles •mainly primary & secondary education •> 1M downloads & referrals in 2013 •11,000 lessons and courses •70,000 referrals to lessons and courses •~635,000 OER available Darco Jansen
  7. 7. State of affairs feb-2016 •primary & secondary & higher education •~1.293.000 OER objects available •10,000 lessons and courses in Wikiwijs •169,000 referrals to lessons and courses • ~3500 HBO/WO • ~8600 in Wikiwijs repository • ~7500 “Wikiwijsarrangementen” •~ 7570 with a quality mark (15 different quality marks) Darco Jansen
  8. 8. 8 HBO/WO ‘Keurmerk’ Arrangement 308.593 7571 4361 27 60 697179 1.292.775 Wikiwijs repository 5679 10.040 +
  10. 10. 10 Quality is important Creating OER is a collective activity Existing OER communities do not join voluntarily in Wikiwijs Sharing OER has to be encouraged and should be made easy Creating OER is a complex task One interface does not fit all Governmental policies & regulations are needed
  11. 11. Lessons Learned • Underestimating the complexity of creating and remixing OER will cause demotivation of teachers to create and remix OER. • Needed: carefully designed easy to use remix tools are key. • Needed: training for acquiring the competences to create and remix OER technically and didactically •Working from complete open courses and open complete books - Not only buidling content elements to complete courses - But working from complete courses/ open books as well !! Darco Jansen
  12. 12. Lessons Learned • Do not underestimate the role of quality of OER • Do not assume that all OER have acceptable quality, so create some form of quality control • Quality of the elements VERSUS complete of the whole courses / books Darco Jansen
  13. 13. Lessons Learned • All stakeholders should be involved. • More prescriptive policies and regulations are also needed to avoid the current situation where no sense of urgency is felt by both management and teachers to adopt an OER policy Darco Jansen
  14. 14. Some resources discussion the history of open education are • Peters and Deimann (2013) On the role of openness in education: A historical reconstruction • Open Education Handbook (2014) • M. Weller (2014) The Battle for Open
  15. 15. Open: means, not an aim! Schuwer, R. & Wild, U. (2015). Beyond the pioneering phase: moving towards the adoption of open education. In: Baars, M. et al (eds). Trend report open and online education 2015. SURF, Utrecht. 54-62 CC-By Robert Schuwer
  16. 16. Aim of open education: • an approach to education that seeks to remove all unnecessary barriers to learning, while aiming to provide students with a reasonable chance of success in an education and training system centred on their specific needs and located in multiple arenas of learning. Darco Jansen
  17. 17. Global strategies on MOOCs: Using MOOCs for Opening up Education
  18. 18. Any questions?
  19. 19. Thank you!!! Darco.Jansen@eadtu.eu Coordinator Coordinator