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Hands-on Lean UX for Digital Designers

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July 30 , 2013, 7pm - 9:00pm @ OPODZ, a co-working space in Downtown LA

Instructors: Lane Halley (Carbon Five) & Jaime Levy (JLR Interactive)

This is a 2-hour, hands-on workshop geared toward digital designers. You will learn Lean UX techniques that can be used immediately with your clients and teams.

The following topics will be covered along with hands on exercises:
What is Lean UX?
Defining the Product & Customer
Exploring Key User Experiences
Validating the Customer and Idea with Qualitative Research

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Hands-on Lean UX for Digital Designers

  1. 1. Jaime
  2. 2. WIFI: opodz 2.4 front Pass: opodz362 Welcome!
  3. 3. How to DEFINE, EXPLORE and VALIDATE ideas using Lean UX methods Today you'll learn
  4. 4. UX Strategy: competitive analysis, marketing Creating Interfaces: UI design, visual design Building products: coding, Agile * We teach these subjects in other classes Today you WON'T learn*
  5. 5. Lean UX lane
  6. 6. What is UX? Diagram: Dan Saffer
  7. 7. Why must UX evolve? Old: Waterfall New: Continuous delivery Old: Known devices New: Device ecosystem Make a difference, not deliverables
  8. 8. What is Lean Startup? Eric Ries
  9. 9. Lean Startup cycle
  10. 10. A new way of working Your client brings you an idea... Old: Collect requirements, design, build New: Define, explore, validate, (repeat)
  11. 11. Define, explore, validate DEFINE: Provisional Persona, Hypothesis EXPLORE: Key Experiences, MVP VALIDATE: Screener, Interviews, MVP
  12. 12. Define lane
  13. 13. It starts with an idea It's like forairbnb weddings
  14. 14. Activity: choose an idea
  15. 15. Who is “the user?” It's like forairbnb weddings
  16. 16. Traditional persona
  17. 17. Provisional persona
  18. 18. Activity: make a persona Name and sketch Description Behaviors Needs & goals
  19. 19. Ashley, a value-conscious bride Name and sketch Description Behaviors Needs & goals
  20. 20. How do we know it’s good? It's like forairbnb weddings
  21. 21. (persona or sub-segment) (problem / need) (proposed solution) (qualitative or quantitative metric) We know we're right when People like Have trouble with / need Which can be resolved by Measured by (KPI or business result) Hypothesis statement Ashley, a value-conscious bride finding an affordable outdoor venue a marketplace for finding residential beach venues 5 brides out of 20 pay $20 for custom venue email
  22. 22. (persona or sub-segment) (problem / need) (proposed solution) (qualitative or quantitative metric) We know we're right when People like Have trouble with / need Which can be resolved by Measured by (KPI or business result) Activity: your hypothesis
  23. 23. Explore jaime
  24. 24. Product market fit Most products fail because nobody wants them. Why will someone love your solution? You need to think about the KEY EXPERIENCE of the product.
  25. 25. Why will Ashley love this? It's like forairbnb weddings
  26. 26. Example key experiences ● search homes in specific area ● see photos & details of venue ● negotiate contract with host ● share ideas with your friends
  27. 27. What's an MVP? A Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is just enough product to validate your key experiences (value proposition).
  28. 28. MVP recipe ● Tells the product story focusing on what makes it unique ● Shows off only essential features ● Ends with the money shot* *where you ask the potential customer for $$$ An MVP can be a video, interactive prototype, or even 5 slides with a good story!
  29. 29. TheWeddingSpot Airbnb for people getting married in LA!
  30. 30. The Wedding Spot Ceremony Area My Budget Neighborhood 200 Guests Amenities Liquor License Valet Parking Site Insurance Indoor Outdoor By the water Indoor Ceremony Area X $1200 $1800 $2575 $3999 $5675
  31. 31. The Wedding Spot Storybook dining hall for intimate receptions. Include $200 cleaning fee Doesn't include 5% charge to The Wedding Spot $1200 - $3000 Parking Situation
  32. 32. The Contract Topanga Mountain Storybook Cottage Tue, October 08, 2013 (before midnight) 1 x $28 (fee per guest) Confirm with Host Before Booking Book This Venue Now.
  33. 33. ● Defines the essential components of your user experience. Sign up now for $20
  34. 34. Activity: Key experience Write down at least TWO ideas for your product's KEY EXPERIENCE. What will your persona LOVE? What makes your product unique?
  35. 35. Homework: MVP Create your own MVP to validate your key user experience. You can use the template in the email we sent.
  36. 36. Validate jaime
  37. 37. Validate Once you DEFINE your idea and EXPLORE ways to delight your customers how do you VALIDATE you are right?
  38. 38. Talk to the right users What would happen if you just asked random people on the street about your idea?
  39. 39. Figure out how to reach your potential customers Online or at the dogrun!
  40. 40. Guerilla User Research Puts you face-to-face with your potential customer Cheap and fast technique for validating assumptions Allows you to test your MVP and rapidly collect data for measuring if you need to pivot or persevere
  41. 41. Guerilla User Research
  42. 42. Guerilla User Research
  43. 43. Immediate Data Collection
  44. 44. Activity: write a Craigslist ad State whom you are looking for (and make certain you can validate it with follow-up emails) "Seeking people who are planning their own wedding to interview and get feedback from on a new online business" State the amount paid, time required, date of interviews, and approximate location "We will pay you $20 in cash for 30-40 minutes. We'll be meeting at a Venice cafe on January 8th from 1pm-4pm."
  45. 45. Activity: write a Craigslist ad (cont'd) State the level/kind of Internet expertise you need (and make certain you can validate it) "Seeking people who use the Internet professionally" State that interviews will be confidential "All information will be kept strictly confidential and there will be no video recording".
  46. 46. Homework: Go interview!
  47. 47. Resources
  48. 48. Books
  49. 49. Slideshare
  50. 50. Keep in touch @jaimerlevy http://bit.ly/JaimeRLevy @thinknow http://linkd.in/lanehalley
  51. 51. Jaime Levy @jaimerlevy jaimerlevy@gmail.com Lane Halley @thinknow lane@lanehalley.com
  52. 52. Thank You!
  53. 53. Please join us NOW in here (10% discount on food/drinks)