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Conversation, Cadence & Culture

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Conversation, Cadence & Culture: recipes to inspire collaborative teams. Workshop presented at Lean UX NYC (http://leanuxnyc.co/nyc/) April 12, 2013.

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Conversation, Cadence & Culture

  1. Conversation,Cadence & CultureRecipes to inspire collaborative teams
  2. Lane Halley@thinknowlane@carbonfive.comCourtney Hemphill@chemphillcourtney@carbonfive.com
  3. AgendaToday you will learn how to: • Stimulate necessary conversations between team members • Advance with a shared vision and • Maintain a culture of invested team membersThroughout the lifecycle of your product
  4. bit.ly/C5-leanuxnyc
  5. What are the qualities ofhappy productive teams?
  6. Good work comes from good teams Trust Ownership Empathy Communication Fun Flow Empowerment Creativity Productivity
  7. CultureOur work at Carbon Five
  8. Carbon Five
  9. Design + Agile + Lean StartupDesign Thinkingempathy, creativity and rationalityAgile Developmentself-organizing teams, quality code, iterative & incremental deliveryLean Startupproducts people want, learning experiments
  10. Developer Designer Product Owner
  11. Project room
  12. ConversationRecipes to unlock creativity and collaboration
  13. Recipes for conversationQuestion RecipeWhat’s the vision? Opportunity Statement, Persona 4x4, Project BriefWhat might we do? Six-ups, ScenariosHow will it look and Thumbnails,behave? Wireframe Walkthrough
  14. Recipes for conversationQuestion RecipeWhere do we start? Define MVPs & ExperimentsHow do we build it? User StoriesDoes it work? Five on Friday
  15. Recipes are not a processUse whatever helps your team:•Focus on a shared goal•Minimize handoffs•Have the right conversations
  16. Let’s see how this works!
  17. wheel nice guys wheel nice guys
  18. Create a shared vision opportunity statement persona 4x4 six ups
  19. Opportunity statementProblem: Custom bike shoppers find it difficultto learn about, configure and purchase bikes.Solution: A Web application that lets custombike shoppers explore different components,envision different combinations and understandprice.
  20. Demo: bike riders
  21. persona 4x4
  22. Try it!Six-upsBased on the opportunity statement,what could we create for Peter?
  23. What could we create?Problem: Peter finds it difficult to learn about,configure and purchase a new commuter bike.Solution: A Web application that lets Peterexplore different components, envision differentcombinations and understand price.
  24. Show and tell (six-ups)
  25. six-up demo: six-up conversation
  26. Define an MVPdot votingproject brief
  27. Try it!Dot votingBased on the conversation youobserved, where are areas of risk &opportunity?
  28. six-up Where’s your dot?
  29. dot voting demo: MVP conversation
  30. project brief last updated opportunity persona(s) scenarios metrics
  31. Just in time design scenario UI elements and layouts thumbnails living style guides & visual assets
  32. Scenario demo: scenarioPeter explores bike profiles conversationSees info about what he can do hereSees multiple bike images w/ basic info & priceUses controls to pan through themChooses a bike to see in more detailPeter sees the bike he pickedSees large image of bike he choseSees list of parts with info and pricesSees the total priceetc...
  33. Scenario [element names]Peter explores bike profiles on the CHOOSE BIKE PAGE Sees info about what he can do here [Content box] Sees multiple bike images w/ basic info & price [Carousel] Uses controls to pan through them [Carousel] Chooses a bike to see in more detail [Carousel]Peter sees the bike he picked on the CONFIGURE BIKE PAGE Sees large image of bike he chose [Bike config picture] Sees list of parts with info and prices [Bike config list] Sees the total price [Bike config list] etc...
  34. UI elements Header Talk to us Marketing message(s) Bike images Bike config picture Bike config list Footer
  35. demo: device support
  36. page layouts thumbnails
  37. Living style guide& visual assets
  38. Define an experiment wireframe walkthrough user stories
  39. demo: wirefame walkthrough
  40. Try it!1-week experimentWhat can we build and validate in the first week?
  41. Try it!User storyAs a.... I want to...so that...Acceptance criteria?
  42. user stories
  43. CadenceEstablishing your continuous, iterative cycles
  44. How much time? project start kickoff - 2 days to 2 weeks regular cadence Monday - reflect & define Tuesday - specify Wednesday & Thursday - build & refine Friday - customer feedback
  45. How can you use theserecipes on your projects?
  46. bit.ly/C5-leanuxnyc
  47. Thank you!Carbon FiveLean UX & AgileDevelopment for Weband mobile productswww.carbonfive.com