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Does Linked Data Have to be Open?

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Reflections from the Pelagios Commons by Leif Isaksen, Lancaster University. http://commons.pelagios.org. Presentation at the 1st Lancaster Data Conversations 30 January 2017

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Does Linked Data Have to be Open?

  1. 1. 30 January 2017, Lancster Data Conversations   Reflections from the Pelagios Commons Leif Isaksen, Lancaster University http://commons.pelagios.org @Pelagiosproject Does Linked Data Have to be Open?
  2. 2. Pleiades PastPlace Getty Thesauri PeriodO ChronOntology Canonical Text Services SENESCHAL SNAP OCRE … Google Ancient Places (OU, Soton) Perseus Digital Library (Tufts) Arachne (Cologne) SPQR (King's College, London) Digital Memory Engineering (AIT) Open Context (UC Berkeley) CLAROS (Oxford) PtolemyMachine (Holy Cross) Ure Museum (Reading) FastiOnline (AIAC) Nomisma (ANS) Regnum Francorum Online Papyri.info (ISAW/NYU) Ports Antiques Oracc (U. Penn.) Meketre (Vienna) OCRE (ANS/ISAW) Squinchpix ORBIS (Stanford) MJBC (Cambridge) ISAW Papers (ISAW) Totenbuch (Bonn/Cologne) PAS (The British Museum) SAWS (KCL/Uppsala/Stockholm/Vienna) Trismegistos (K. U. Leuven) AWMC (Chapel Hill) Encyclopaedia of the Hellenic World DM Project (Drew) Ancient History Encyclopedia Dickinson College Commentaries Edinburgh Geoparser (Edinburgh) EDH (Heidelberg) EAGLE LGPN (Oxford) ... Linked Pasts| An Emerging Digital Ecosystem Resource Curators Concept Schemes Connecting Infrastructure & Support
  3. 3. What is Pelagios? A Decentralised Community & Infrastructure for Linked Open Geodata in the Humanities
  4. 4. 4 Connectivity through common references rather than a common schemaConnectivity through common references rather than a common schema What Pelagios isn’t | One ring to rule them all  Not a data aggregator  Not a repository  Not a standard data model
  5. 5. The concept | Don’t Unify the Model – Annotate! 5 pleiades:579885 (Athenae) pleiades:570685 (Sparta)
  6. 6. Pleiades Ancient World Resources Pelagios Pelagios network | Interlinking different knowledge communities
  7. 7. Towards a digital scholarship | Future Footnotes
  8. 8. API v.3 query (‘Peripleo’) | Searching by place
  9. 9. API v.3 query | The Pelagios network of different traditions
  10. 10. Things we’ve learned | 1. Open partnerships are more efficient than closed consortia Linking data is a social process: •Involves multiple datasets, organisations, roles •Inertia in one area has knock-on effects in many others •Restricting visibility in one area reduces impact in others •Greater likelihood of failure due to policy decsions •Open partnerships more likely to: • Attract new members • Drive sectoral change
  11. 11. Stuff we’ve learned | 2. Speed-reading? Sources: •Internet Archive •Hathi Trust / (Google Books) •Eighteenth Century Collections Online (2) 115 books (in 2 days) – 17/18/19th Century •75 Books with historical descriptions of Forres •40 books with no references •16 inaccessible
  12. 12. Online Offline HathiTrust Nat. Lib. Scotland Senate House Lib., London ??
  13. 13. Stuff we’ve learned | You can’t do it all by yourself Metadata Visual content Character encoded Structured Semantically tagged Semantically modelled