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Tap to Pay Live Presentation Notes

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Tap to Pay Live Presentation Notes

  1. 1. A Raspberry Pi Mobile Register
  2. 2. Introduction - Tap to Pay turns virtually anyone into a Vendor - Using a Virtual Store hosted on Raspberry Pi - You can Bring your “Lemonade Stand” into “3.0” - Makers want to sell inventions made at the Makers station, to a local farmers wanting to sell at the market - Light and Lethal Way - Make Small Transaction on the Fly
  3. 3. What is it? - To become a vendor, Simply Login to Virtual Store on your Raspberry Pi - Setup your item to sell. - Buyers - Login to the mobile app - Tap Phone to the button on the Raspberry Pi - Immediately Receive the charge on your phone
  4. 4. How is it built? - Node.js - Redis database - Web Sockets/Restful API - Uses phone’s accelerometer & timestamps - iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, every device with an accelerometer (even iPod Shuffle)
  5. 5. Why is it so cool? - Portable -Easy - Safe (no credit card required) -Fun - Affordable ($35) - Interactive (Touch, Physical Item - Easy (Reduces Friction in payment process by eliminating credit card) - Support Local & Small Business (Reduces barriers to entry to become a vendor) - Potential to Change the Market for Vendors and Buyers alike