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2014 LPGM An

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2014 LPGM An

  1. 1. lutheran ni _ partners ^ *para in global ministry i Lives Dear Friends, hank you for your partnership T with Lutheran Partners in Global Ministry. Because of your support and God's guidance LPGM reached a number of milestones in 2014 and is set to surpass them in coming years. Working together we provide opportunity and hope that transform lives in Argentina, Central African Republic, India and Nigeria as well throughout the United States. These achievements validate LPGM's model of partnering with local churches is working, and strengthen our reputation for getting things done right the first time. But, rest assured that we are not straying from our commitment to develop and sustain personal relationships that transform lives. In fact, our long-term commitment to these partners and programs means that LPGM faces new challenges: ñnding more Friends of the Community College who will support students, teachers and programs; or finding more Friends of Village Savings and Loan program, who will make future ANNUAL REPORT r Transforming i : ~ ? evr-Rizzaanimo)nraràlrldühmiíiavruéh. r : tox/ Lo i 1. Received a $1.2 million grant from ELCA Global Mission, our largest grant to date, for construction at the ALC Community College. This grant allowed us to accelerate construction, our largest project to date, and attract more students from a wider area . 2. Invited to USAID Peace and Security Funders group meeting on the Central African Republic. This provided a wonderful opportunity to engage other Central African Republic partners and learn about new funding sources. 3. Engaged in conversations with two new international partners: Amritsar Diocese of the Church of North India, and Community Cloud Forest Conservation, Guatemala. This is helping us move forward on a key pillar of our strategic plan. economic empowerment programs in C. A.R. a reality. All of this is possible because of LPGM's talented staff and dedicated Board of Directors. Please join us by praying for their work, and encouraging their commitment to serving others -face to face and hand in hand. We also want to convey our deepest gratitude to all who enable the work of LPGM - creating educational opportunities in India (Project Education India, English+ or the Community College), providing economic opportunities (Village Savings and Loan), ensuring access to healthcare (Emmanuel Health Center or Demsa Clinic) or providing organizational support so our staff, board and Volunteers can get this worI< done (Green Shoots). Thank you for making this possible! We invite you to walk this journey with us, and continue your support through prayer, volunteerism, stewardship, and help encouraging others to join us. Consider yourself invited to be a partner! 77nd Mark Warpmaeker Executive Director Me» Betsy Thayer Board Chair 2014 Annual Report I
  2. 2. lutheran artners "Ti" t, '* ' s'-` iggtobal _Wii _-r_i ministry g 2014 Programs and Major PTOJECtS Central African Republic (C. A.R. ) $112,009 Nigeria $36.81!: India 5840142 The Evangelical Lutheran Church ofthe Central African Republic (EEL- IrI 2014, LPGM began overseeing Partnering with the Arcot Lutheran Church (ALC) and the India Evangelical Lutheran RCA) pro rams and projects improve the ph sical and spiritual lives of the renovation and expansion ofa Church (IELC), LPGM supports their identiñed priorities for ministr . E Y V their congregations and the larger community. clinic at Demsa in partnership with - Project Education India and additional support to the schools and hoarding homes ' Renovate St. Timothy Lutheran Church in Bangui, which continues to the Lutheran Church in Nigeria. The touches the lives of nearly 1500 students and their families provide a sare haven ror hundreds of displaced persons during crisis Community-Based Primary Healthcare ~ English+ continues to provide students access to the unifying language in this country - sustain and expand the work ofthe Emmanuel Health Center in program, which will be offered through ~ The Timothy Center forWomen and Child Empowerment is a beacon forthose Gallo these improved facilities, promote: whose lives would otherwise be indentured, offering new skills and hope ~ Distribute emergency relier through Village Savings s Loan wellness and disease prevention. while - The Community College at Parangipettai rises up rrom the devastation ofthe 200e program, allowing people to replant crops and restart businesses providing basic curaüve and expanded tsunami, offers practical training for in-demand jobs, and is reaching more students in - Support and expand the Village Savings &Loan program treatment services. a wider area r I v 7 ' Q I' W 'i 'i' i ` * i, .M /1 4, ' ' 'w, ' NIGERIA (tirigicgalionsoilho ` . .r I W z - f , f Minneapolis Area syiiad sreppediipra provide , . _ y. liit' mitchHVPKIYWIiltiidirigrlsliivüiiiipauinn _ j* * . at - . to the Lutheran Cnurtn in Nigeria, allowing tht* ” -I The LPGM partnership with reiiovalinns ni . . i churches in india has been our longest standing the Dciiisaciinir . .. ._ i . , 4_ arriliariori. Funding ri* a - to continue to i ` mtive inninid . “d “"“““”`ge"`e"' UNITED STATES The 7th ' ` - “m” '” “W and atii grade confirmation program at `I 'om's and WWW Prairie Lutheran (hurch sponsored a 12th "' m" "WS O' 'WW standard student in -_ i “Ma'm “'19”- iridia- Ms. Ishwari ' ' , . s 3_ f? ' They raised 5:50 ' l. ' » ~ i ” t in their worship o* < , r4., ' - ` «- oiieriiigs throughout ' i t the year A creative 7 A . v "“““"“'”' CENTRAL AFRICAN “ 'i REPUBLIC (C. A.R. ) The news from C. A.R. is encouraging. LPGM is committed to offer Support of prayers as i well as ñnantes as the country seeks peace 't and stability Current and previous partners also in Argentina, Estonia, Guatemala, Madagascan Palestine [the Holy Land), slovalia and Tanzania I 2014 Annual Report Zolkimnuamepo" I
  3. 3. Your Partnership in ction . t; . f? Q. : íZ11*'; ifvi/ ';: k;; i"; , 'in gñrla. r. ^:i. »“'“= !;: ní: '|i m x. :li“l; si*~. ;Iñm _~`. Vivlí*Ll. ..EL. E~`. iV), E *ululízliíam*mm SIHV* IwíFni '_ ll lil : J: 'li 4 &I; nvm. " IP: : "_`| ' i: m : i r? . _v' M ; f plêlãjlg_li= j íírnllsvlovnr~ L. .í"~. ni~i wr» : ~;: c:= r-íws*nur; ifiíkãliry, "~ o '4- '4- 'La n 3 W'. 'J. _V . "E . n 'e ni n 'v 3` F; r' : an '~ 'rr m hi» v. ' 14-51* . l I-W l. * Il all lai? ! ? ni kali I! f'. qll Iti . elàfàr I! l: 9 9: 979' 9 _ pl i _g i}“l= _l¢IIirIk; * fal»líll_/ :ívzlvl. `lã'à` i; í`i'l. .rlil`ffplf, y`q -Mi: riv. ': ` 'Iíl "Wl I . :I_: .`“": I I'll: : : ._n 1:1. -'. -.- 7.' I~ 1:- H? "II. .“ f I. " " i' T: : f-, I I 2:. r'- Wã-'a : :mv ~ F' Fi('l; füã3lllí"liibi 2:9? a tw; i=, 'l"vüãvi. reyf 4 l -_ i*us: *n'ii': -i; 't; l.:3. r' ni gl» rm 2014 Annual Report I
  4. 4. LPGM Mission 1 . LutheranlPartrtersin: Global Ministry isa movementsthatengages individuals-end communities; in'transformationalgpartnershipsecross; theeí_globee. _centered 'in faithfand dedicated 'to-service, líPGM is' 'called to' action by sharing_`resources and hope. , Lutheran Partners in çlobaljMinistry is called , toreiseíupfgenerations' whoinsegire hope by “walkingwithandservingsinatheglobalchurch. Financial Position as of December 31, 2014 Cash 8 Eq uiva le m5 126_ 100 LPGM is a 501(c)3 organization. Your contributions are tax other Curre nt Assets 9,160 ded uctible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Property and Equipment 96,172 Less Accumulated Depreciation (48,663) LPGM meets the accountability Lease Deposit 3,030 standards of the Charities Review Long Term Investments 1451484 coundt smartgivmorg TotalAssets 1,637,253 LPGM is aGOLD Participant on the GUIDESTAK' GuideStar Exchange: guidestanorg Exzhange . . . . G o , ., c”"e"t_"'ab'lme5 27240 A ` ' H LPGM was audited by Cummings, Keegan Unfêünüéd Assets 76.343 a co, P. L.LP. A copy of the full audit Board Designated Unrestricted Assets 1 1,147,170 report is available upon request . . z Temporanly Restricted Assets_ _ I _ 386,495 LPGM med 'RS 99o form and a Copy is Total Llabllltles and Net Assets 1,637,253 available upomequest 1. Mission Development Fund 5919335 Olson Leadership Fund 5122560 Carbaugh Opportunity Fund 550,999 Now is the Time Fund 548,843 Brynestad Opportunity Fund 55,433 2. Restricted bythe donor for a specific program/ project 2014 Source of Funds 2014 Use of Funds 50% Individuals 22% 21% ELCA grant Congregations 8 Organizations 50% lndividuals LPGM Donors live in 37 states and ñve foreign countries. 22% ELCA Grant In 2014 LPGM received a generous grant distribution of $300,000 from Global Mission of Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. The purpose of the grant is for supervising the construction of new buildings and furnishing them when construction is completed at the Community College in Parangipettai, Ta mil Nadu, India. See story- page 6. 21% Congregations Er Organizations within a congregation include local congregations as well as women's groups, Sunday schools, Vacation Bible schools, men's groups and mission teams. 89% 7% Other Organizations include contributions from Thrivent Financial/ Choice Dollars, Program employer matching plans, specific direction from a donor to the United Way, a donor advised expenses fund, a non-church business, a synod or synod organization, and GiveMN. Management and General Expenses: 5% _ Fundraising Expenses: 6% _ 2014 Annual Report I
  5. 5. ;ilrjtr Honlill 'air' Cha-aduna, - Betsy Thayer, Chair Mark Holman, Chaír-Elect Marilyn Christensen, Secretary Tom Luukkonen, Treasurer Corinne Engstrand, At-Large Mary Beenken Dave Dynneson Tricia Hall Michele Johnson Rick Meier Ann Moe Jim Noss Joel Quie Lynne Rigg Nola Storm Peter Thomas y iimír' I Anne Westby Donor Administrator Betty Olson Project Education India Administrator Gordon Olson Foundíng Director Mark Warpmaeker Executive Director Mary Peterson Project Admínistra tor Naomi Staruch Managing Director Paul Steen Development Director i lutheran r 5310,] iãaglàiíls l_ ministry 5200 Willson Road, Suite 280 Minneapolis, MN 55424-1332 6128235058 lutheranpartners. org facebooI<. com/ lutheranpartners ALC Community College Parangipettai me. ? hen the tsunami hit the southeast coast of India in late 2004, the Arcot Lutheran Church responded immediately with relief efforts for thousands of victims. The Arcot Lutheran Church saw an opportunity to provide long-term assistance to a vulnerable part of the population, particularly those living near the coastline. Land was purchased and the dream for a technical college was born. The first classroom buildings were built in 2006 and, with very limited facilities, classes were conducted for commuting students only. The construction of the second and largest phase of this campus began with a gift from United Lutheran Church in Red Wing, MN, but really took off in 2014 thanks to the generous support of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) Global Mission in the amount of $1.2 million, of which $900,000 was transferred directly to India. MSAADA Architects of Minneapolis designed the master plan for the campus and is monitoring the construction process. Many structures have been added in the past 18 months, including more a* ' "e si, . ' ; it . Arrírnciüniírvcrr , , JHE! !! I I I`I I'I I i rj f. Sonia of the 115 students enrollcci classrooms, mechanical workshops, a health center, staff and guest housing, dormitories, dining hall, outdoor chapel and sports facilities. A prominent entrance accessed by a bridge over an adjacent canal will complete the campus. Finishing touches like fully equipping the college classrooms and auto workshops as well as landscaping, a security fence, farm field preparation, a water system and solar lighting are being done now. A number of congregations and individuals, including United Lutheran Church continue to support the college by providing funding for furnishings and operations. The dedication of the campus additions is set for June 26,2015. , *ira iioiinii 3ill(`vllltlllíf la . unawa tqallkl ! Miami-w : lu-iii HICHI-itali. :Wu-im: :iii- e r* nriiliiiii mma, 'lipi l "i'M aunt' 'miilu un! ! iílmink II! : uii am34; (kinunan): _, ,aiiaMIiiIiiuni-i-ni-iaiuk1, ! iininiiig Wil III/ III} urinals: Inu iii; aurul 2014 Annual Report I E