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Legend of Juraj Jánosik

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Legend of Juraj Jánosik

  1. 1. LOMT SlovakiaAuthors: Mgr. Fabrová, Mgr. Franková, Ing. Christozová, Mgr. Sobčáková, TomášLičko, Jozef Drbiak, Maria Chovanová, Košíková, Genšorová, Vojvodová, Straková
  2. 2. (* 25. január 1688, Terchová – † 17. marec 1713, Liptovský Mikuláš Juraj Janosik was born in 1688 in Terchova. It was a highwayman who robbed the rich and gave to the poor. As Juraj grew up in a family with many children and knew what misery was, he gave a part of his plunder to the poor or to those who were robbed by rich landlords. He grew up on Terchova Kopanice and when he was twenty years old, he volunteered for the army of Frantisek Rakoczi.
  3. 3.  After spraying Kuruc imperial army troops in a battle near Trencin he fell into captivity. In 1709 he joined the emperor guarding troops. He served as a guard of prisoners at Bytca Castle, where he met prisoner Uhorcík Thomas, highwayman captain of Kysuce. Juraj Janosik later returned to Terchova, but did not spend much time there because. After the escape of Uhorcík from prison he became a member of his Terchová - erb bandit entourage in 1711.Jánošík - drevorezba
  4. 4.  However in early 1712 Uhorcík got married, changed his name to Martin Ant, started to live in repentance and settled in Klenovec. Juraj Janosik was elected to be the bandit captain. However he served as a bandit captain ony for a year because in 1713 he was caught in Liptov and arrested in Klenovec together with Uhorčík. This time Janosik could not get out of prison as he managed a year ago.After a court hearing connectedwith the torture he was executedon 18th March 1713 in LiptovskyMikulas. A month later Uhorcíklost his life in the same way.
  5. 5.  However in a short time of being the bandit captain Janosik made many highwayman deeds. He must have been among the "extremely dangerous elements", because only the biggest rebels were executed by hanging on a hook. I wonder what everything he could have done, if he was the bandit captain for a longer period of time. Maybe the French Revolution would have remained in the shadow of LiptovErb Liptovskej Stolice one ...Nevertheless, Juraj Janosik became the largest Slovak legend.
  6. 6.  When Juraj Janosik was under the gallows, he had the possibility to pronounce his last three wishes. Firstly, he wished to have his Wallachian brought to him. But they didn´t want to fulfil this.Secondly, hewished to have hisshirt brought tohim - but even thatthey would notfulfil to him.
  7. 7.  Thirdly, he wanted his belt, which gave him the power of "a hundred men and reflected bullets and swords". Even this last wish was not fulfilled to him. Therefore he asked to have another wish – he wanted to say his last goodbye to his dearest love. Next he asked permission to be able to dance the Bandit dance. They let him under the condition to have severe leg Zápis z vypočúvania shackles on his feet.
  8. 8.  And so Janosik danced around the gallows for nine times and for the tenth time he jumped so high and caught on the hook and hang himself on it. When he was hung on the hook he wished for three pounds of tobacco and his pipe. Even this wish was fulfilled to him and so Janosik smoked for three days hanged on the hook. When he was finishing his last pipe, an imperial messenger came with the message of mercy for Janosik. But he was more dead than alive and his last words were: "Eat me when you baked me!" With these words he died on his lips.
  9. 9.  Who would not know the legendary Slovak folk hero? We all know the story of the treasure which is hidden on an unknown place. Lets go and find the legendary hidden treasure!