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Four Ways to Involve Bench Players for USA Hockey

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Athletes on the bench might not be playing, but they can still be an integral part of the team. See how you can keep bench athletes happy, engaged and involved in the sport.

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Four Ways to Involve Bench Players for USA Hockey

  1. 1. Mr T T W A XV/ / I/. /—. I. «(‘ 2 El M ‘I Playl POSITIVE COACHING ALLIANCE INSURANCE @2015 Liberty Mutual Insurance, 175 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA O2‘lI6 . ' ": .»w. +‘l: :—II Ar‘; IIM HIII . I H r I. ~/ , » I. /E gr . V‘ "V : ‘:_{i) ( 3 V‘ '- . I. ‘i. ‘Cu-9
  2. 2. 4 WAYS TO INVOLVE BENCH PLAYERS Athletes on the bench might not be playing, but they can still be an integral part of the team. Liberty Mutual Insurance Play Positive‘ powered by Positive Coaching Alliance gives you four ways you can help keep athletes involved. as» A " ~24, - r‘»“‘ zLri'. ’.%‘1Efi. Play | NSURANCE POSITIVECOACHINGALLIANCE L ZOIS Liberty Mutual I nnnnnnn e, I75 Berkeley Street. Boston, MA O2lIB
  3. 3. POSITIVE / CHARTING . f Ask bench players to , keep a “Positive Chart” (J from the sideline during practices or games. Help them see when things are going right as a team, and for individual teammates. - Write down the name of each player. - Look for positive things they do. - When you see one, jot it down. - Be honest. Don’t write down things that don't happen. - End practice by reviewing the chart as a team. I Download Positive Charting Form
  4. 4. BUDDY / ’ SYSTEM ‘ Use the buddy system, where an active player is paired with a bench player. The bench player is responsible for filling the emotional tank of the active player, commenting on all of the things the active player is doing right. I Watch this video & see how to do it i
  5. 5. EFFORT STICKERS / Reward the effort of all . ’ players — active and bench players — with an effort chart from practice. Every time a player hustles or goes the extra mile, they earn a sticker on the chart. Regardless of whether you start or come off the bench, you can earn multiple stickers. I See a basketball coach put this into practice I
  6. 6. scour </ // //7;’) TEAM . / A SCOUT TEAM Bench players can help starting players get prepared for a big game by becoming the ‘scout team’, emulating the playing style of the opposing team during practice. Bench players can come together to form an elite squad that is responsible for not only preparing themselves, but also preparing their teammates.
  7. 7. 4 WAYS TO INVOLVE / BENCH PLAYERS ‘ f 1. Positive Charting 2. Buddy System 3. Effort Stickers 4. Scout Team For more information, visit P| ayPositive. com
  8. 8. BONUS: INVOLVE / THE PARENT BENCH ‘ f Parents want to be involved as much as kids do! Consider having a Parent Bench role. Some ideas include: - Parents make the “brush it off” sign every time they see a play that didn’t go their team’s way, helping kids know it’s okay and to just move on. - Parents cheer the official team cheer whenever a player displays a great effort. “Tigers Roar! ”
  9. 9. /, < , H ‘§1,"‘l; :_. ‘=1>': r:1I‘l~‘1:| I.' ‘ ‘ in _l PU'I'TII'G SE3ORTEI’I/ -‘. lISI-III3 BACKINTOTflfWiSPORTS Liberty Mutual Insurance started the Play Positive® program to encourage good sportsmanship and help parents and coaches promote a better youth sports experience. Visit PlayPositive. com for helpful advice, tools, and resources you can use on and off the field. < In LB» Videos and Tips and Expert Advice Take the Podcasts Tools and Resources Pledge Ivi‘3.‘Ei‘. Ei Playi E INSURANCE POSITIVE COACHING ALLIANCE LIKE FOLLOW VIEW . @2015 Liberty Mutual | nsurance,175 Berkeley Street, Boston, MA 02116